Monday, March 26, 2007

Fun Double Header

Aquaman 50
Just when the new version of the character was settling in, a new team takes over. I've never read any books by Tad Williams. He writes mostly fantasy and none ever appealed to me. I knew he was considered a good writer, but how would he be on a monthly comic? The answer so far is Great. There's a lot packed into this issue, hinting at new plot threads, lots of complications, and plenty of action/adventure. The art of McManus and Wong is fine, but I'll need time to adjust. The faces aren't quite doing it for me. It was nice seeing a new version of Topo and the return of Garth. It's good to know that despite the change, this book should continue to excel. It's about time. Aquaman deserves to be treated as a major character, not an also-ran.

Hero by Night 1 of 4
I picked this up on a lark, based on a brief article in Wizard. Seems the creator (and writer, illustrator, and even letterer, according to the credits), D.J. Coffman won a contest and getting his book published was the prize. So far, it's fun. Jack King, a young guy toiling for his rich and demanding father by being the super in a building his father owns, stumbles upon the diary and other possessions of long missing and presumed dead superhero Hero by Night. The art is cartoonish, with faces not unlike those in Aquaman, but the style suits this modern-day comic with old-time sensibilities. Things will heat up next issue now that Jack's gotten a friend to put the diary on eBay which has gotten the attention of one of Hero by Night's old enemies. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. I'm not picking up Hero by Night for the same reason I don't read the webcomic version. Because D.J. Coffman is a giant, raging a-hole and PROUD of it. At least thats the way he CHOOSES to present himself online. And he's not talented enough a writer to make up for my disgust at his childish antics...

  2. Ah, that's a shame. I don't know anything about him and am reading this cold. So far, I'm enjoying it. I guess I won't write him a fan letter. ;)

  3. Anonymous11:17 PM EDT

    I picked up Hero By Night and was really happy with it, and the online stuff adds a lot more depth to the story. It's definitely on my pull list now.

  4. I don't usually read more than comic strips or panels online because it's hard on my eyes, but I might have to check out the Hero by Night one to get more background. I really enjoyed the first issue.