Wednesday, January 30, 2008

At This Rate, I'll Soon Be Broke

Along with this week's comics, I picked up some Star Wars Mighty Muggs toys and these two action figures from DC's Armory series: Nightwing and Flamebird.

IMG_9539As you can see, these are the versions from the Supergirl comic when she and Power Girl were in Kandor. I wasn't happy with the story, but I do love these figures. And in case you're wondering about the setting for this pic, it's my microwave. I got the idea to take pics in my ovens (microwave, regular oven, toaster oven) from one of my flickr contacts. I think it gives these figs especially, a nice other-worldly feel.

The heads are removable, as are the wings, so I took a pic of them with their other heads and sans wings. The sculpts on the faces are nice. The PG is mostly the same as the original Alex Ross PG figure, but the SG is really nice. The pic is below, after a couple of reviews.

Countdown to Final Crisis 13
The let's blow things up and kill folks issue. Monarch vs Brat Prime was fun. A planet blows up, but first, Earth 51's Batman is killed and then, just because, Jason kills their Joker. If nothing else, this series has really made me like Jason Todd. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd type. Just before that universe is obliterated, Donna, Kyle, Ray, and Jason head out for Apokolips where presumably, the climax of the series will occur. Or so it seems right now.

Countdown to Adventure 6
Nice interactions here. Also, it's the issue where the women take center stage. Alanna saves her hubby and kicks ass. Kory and Ellen sorta reach an understanding and go rescue Buddy, with an assist from Alanna and Adam who make a timely arrival. There's just something that warms my heart about seeing two male heroes rescued from certain death by their wives. Good stuff here. I didn't read the Forerunner story.

IMG_9541And now, as promised, the other pic.


  1. Wow! Those are really cool figures. I never would have thought to use a microwave as a set, but it makes perfect sense.

    I didn't get any regular figures this week, but I did pick up the mini-mates of Hal and Star Sapphire. My sons have of course, posed them suggestively.

    In Countdown, does this mean that Monarch went kabloooy? If so, huzzah!

    And yes, being saved by your wives, is an excellent idea. Too bad it will never happen to Peter Parke again.

  2. Well, I wouldn't count anyone out in Countdown. heh.

    As for the figs, I hadn't planned on getting those, but when I saw how nice the sculpt was of SG's head, I had to get it and since I was getting her, I had to get PG, which is almost an exact sculpt of the JSA PG, except the lock of hair in front of her face hangs loose on this one and on PG, it is part of her head mold.

  3. Hi Shelly,
    Just got those two yesterday, and Mr. Reads got the Batman. We adore them! But I don't think I like mine nearly as much as I like yours posed in the microwave. Well Done, Friend!

  4. Thanks, Amy. I tried the oven first, but they kept falling over. I don't think that's level. Fortunately, they liked the microwave. ;)