Thursday, March 18, 2010

More on Titans 23 Plus Green Arrow 31

I thought I'd hallucinated the solicit for Titans 23, so I went back to DC's site and no, I was not wrong. Here it is:
"Spotlight on Red Arrow! As Roy Harper lies in critical condition after the events of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE #5, his fever dreams show him the perfect future life he wants for the Titans. Unfortunately for him, it's a life the Titans will never see."
Am I the only one who got the issue but didn't get that story? Seriously. Was Roy having a dream about a perfect future life? Was he even dreaming? Because the story I read flashed back to the past, with what seemed to be everyone's retconned memories except Roy's. And it was the story in the solicit that I wanted to read and was the reason I bought the book, not the story I got. That was untruth in advertising. Does anyone else who read it feel cheated?

As for Green Arrow 31, the start of the actual Fall of Green Arrow storyline, it went mostly as expected. Ollie was the usual stubborn, arrogant, self-righteous prick who thinks he knows best, even to the point of treating Dinah like the enemy. This isn't out of character. It's the whole vigilante killer that's out of character. Connor provided a philosophical counterpoint, which was no surprise, and Mia came in at the end and is fully in Ollie's camp. The art was nice, though. Dallocchio has a nice touch.

Krul's doing a decent job with this mess so far, but there's nothing special here yet, nothing that lives up to the hype. And while this might end up being a strong arc for Roy and Ollie and they'll end up stronger than ever, Lian will still be dead in the worst case of plot device I've ever read.

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  1. Hmmmph. Your review of the Titans story doesn't sound even REMOTELY like what was solicited. I realize the solicitations are rarely exactly as they promise, but this was a bit on the extreme side.