Review Policies

If you wish for me to review your comic, please take the following into consideration.

  • I don't read digital files. Digital comics just don't work for me. They're hard for me to read and give me a headache. I'll consider hardcopy comics, only.
  • I am way behind in my comics reading. Always. If it's something that catches my attention, I might get to it in a week or so, longer if it's more than 20-30 pages. And of course, you'll have to allow for time to mail it to me.
  • If I like it, I'll happily post a positive review. If I don't, I'll post either a negative review or no review, your choice, but you'll have to let me know beforehand which option you prefer should I not like it. I will not let you see my review beforehand. 

Should this be acceptable, email me at shelly.s(at)

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