Tuesday, May 08, 2018

OMG So Late

So, I've had a stack of read comics to review, but I got lazy, then I got sick, and, well, here they are. Really late. And I've got another stack still needing to be read.

Titans 22 and Annual 2
The Annual contains the conclusion to the story in the main book, and Roy was vindicated. There was a good story here buried under ordinary writing. It was okay, but it could have been better. Still, we had the usual feelgood Titans story: they're at their best when they're together.

Kill or be Killed 18
This comic is winding down, with only a few more issues left, two after this one, I believe. The you-know-what is getting real close to hitting the fan.

Flash 44 -45
The speedsters neutralize the threat, then Titans Wally West finally reintroduces himself to his aunt Iris. This was a long time coming.

Saga 51
Fun times. Sadness. This issue has both and some stuff in between. Geez, I love this book.

Descender 28-29
A flashback story gives some background on the rise of the machines and we learn why Tim-21 is so important. Mostly. I love this, but I'm thinking it would've been better to read it all at once. That way, I wouldn't keep forgetting details from past issues by the time I read the new one.

Super Sons 15
Damian and Jon make a great team. Their latest adventure has them uncovering a threat to the Justice League. This book is so much fun.

Tales of Suspense 103 - 104: Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier
The bickering duo of Clint and Bucky is fun, but these issues belongs to Natasha,. First, we learn how she survived being killed and then she neatly isolates her former lovers so she can complete the job she set out to do. This was rather enjoyable and I hope we see more of Natasha soon.

Nightwing 43
Dick hangs out with Damian and Roy Harper, making for one weird team-up. Not bad.

Ms. Marvel 27-29
Kamala returns, just in time, to help save the day, with an assist from Captain Marvel. Bruno is back, too, and there's a new girl in school, and somehow, it all feels majorly important. This book is so good at capturing the feel of superheroing while dealing with teenage angst.

Superman 45
The Kents finally, officially move out of the Hamilton County house. Not much story here, just a very precious slice of life. I love this book so much. I have much concern over the Bendis era of Superman that's coming.

Action 1000
Lots of short stories showing how loved Supes is. I didn't read the Bendis one, though. Lots of lovely art, too.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Around Here Late is on Time

Seriously, I've long given up the whole idea of weekly reviews, or so it seems.

Anyway, the latest issues of Green Arrow and Nightwing did nothing for me, so I'm not reviewing them. Here's what I did like.

Nightwing 41
The conclusion of the Judge story was quite satisfying.

Black Magick 11
Now we're really into things. The suspense is really building, with the threat making itself known, going after Rowan's partner and his new baby. I love this book.

But I love Saga more! Saga 50 has a wonderful cover of Alana, Marko, and Hazel. The first scene depicts hot sex between Marko and Alana, so, a bit embarrassing to read on the subway,

Descender 27
The robots have the upper hand! Good science fiction.

Kill or be Killed 17
The suspense in this noir is palpable, and Dylan's narrative voice gives this book an extra hook. This far into the story, I still have no idea from what perspective he's narrating his story, let alone how crazy, if at all, he really is.

Black Lightning 5-6
The mini-series concludes in wonderful fashion and sets up a possible future story. There are many differences from the TV show, and that's okay. I'm just glad Black Lightning is back.

Flash 42-43
Setting up the upcoming Flash war story, I guess. Plus, Grodd. Average Flash story.

Super Sons 14
I continue to enjoy the friendship forged, in their quirky fashion, between Jon and Damian.

Action 999
The highlight of this issue is the awkward dinner at the Kent home with Lois' father.

Titans 21
Roy is in deep trouble and that's why I'm still reading. Because I love Roy and want to see where this is going.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Incredibly Late Reviews

It wasn't until I got the stack of read yet unreviewed comics that I realized how much I've been neglecting this blog. So, here's a whirlwind tour of what I've read over the last few weeks.

Hawkeye 15-16
Kate Bishop is a delightful character and the story concluded in an open-ended way, suggesting future stories, but for now, that's all she wrote. Hawkeye Kate should be returning in the summer.

Flash Annual 1
This is a Prelude to something called Flash War. The thing I loved about this was that it starred Wally West, the original Wally, and his attempt to carve out a new life for himself in a world where only a few people remember him.

Flash 39-41 (I did say these were very belated reviews)
Grodd is back. To be honest, I don't remember the first two issues all that well, but I just read the third and Barry has to ask Godspeed for help when things go from bad to worse. I like this comic, but it doesn't really have staying power.

Green Arrow 37-38
The first, long, story arc of this Rebirth title finally concludes in a nice, upbeat way. This might've been one of the longest continuing stories I can recall reading in a standard superhero comic, but it never felt that way. There were always other things going on, always forward movement even as things got bleaker and bleaker. This reworked Green Arrow is one of the finest versions. One of my favorite Rebirth titles.

Jessica Jones 16-17
Jessica finally vanquishes her demon: Kilgrave, the Purple Man. I like this book more for the art and layouts than for the words. Sometimes, I think the stories Bendis writes are padded and other times, they feel obtuse, as if he's leaving things out, making jumps mid-scene. It makes me very worried about him taking over Superman soon.

Batwoman 12
Mostly a flashback story and we should get back to the main story/present next issue. I don't like this version of Kate as much as the original one, but the story is interesting.

Super Sons 13
Damian's mom shows up and that can never be good. Other than for us readers.

Titans 20
The Titans were disbanded by the Justice League, which annoys me because the Titans are adults and should be able to function as a team if they want. The current story arc is really annoying and Abnett's dialogue leaves plenty to be desired, but this is where I have to come to get my Roy Harper fix, so I'm sticking with it. In this, Roy acts like the jerk he typically can be and ends up in a heap of trouble.

Kill or be Killed 16
More twists and turns in this amazing noir mystery.

Black Lightning 4
I hope this mini-series leads to an ongoing because I really love it.

Black Magick 10
Things are getting really creepy and dangerous and I keep thinking how good this book would be as a TV show.

Action 996-998
The concluding chapters to the time traveling saga. It was nice having Booster and Skeets around for a while.

Superman 40-42
The first two issues were an interesting story about a dying planet with a majority of inhabitants who didn't want Kal and Jon to save them. The third is the start of a Bizarro story and I'm not really fond of Bizarro, so we'll see how it goes.

Nightwing 38-40
The Judge is one scary villain from Dick's past and this story has been intense.

Saga 49
I've run out of superlatives for this book. 'nuff said.

Tales of Suspense 101-102
Clint and Bucky continue to search for the assassin who may or may not be Natasha. Their banter elevates the book from a standard mystery/spy story.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Really Late Reviews Again

I haven't gotten my comics for the last two weeks. I was sick last week and this week, my LCS didn't get their shipment until yesterday, so I figured I'd just get them all with next week's batch, given how behind I am in my reading, anyway.

So, here's what I did read in the last couple of weeks.

WildStorm: Michael Cray 3-4
This is a wild ride, especially the warped versions of standard DC characters, like Barry Allen. I'm enjoying it. Cray is badass.

WildStorm 10
This reworking of the WildStorm 'verse continues to intrigue me. I think I've said that before.

Copperhead 17-18
The sheriff's backstory wasn't what I expected, and I do like being surprised, when the story is good. And this one is.

Batwoman 10 - 11
The venom story arc concludes in issue 10 and Kate takes on Prof. Pyg in issue 11. I'm enjoying this, but the original version of Kate Kane was better.

Super Sons Annual 1
Really, this is a Super-Pets tale as Krypto and Titus take on the case of missing dogs, with an assist from Detective Chimp. It's as cute as it sounds.

Batman 37
I picked this up thanks to the cover and apparently, it's the sequel to something and might be the middle of something, but it stands on its own as Lois, Clark, Bruce, and Selina go on a double date and yeah, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Superman 39
Supes takes a group of sick kids to the moon for an adventure they'll never forget. It's as heartwarming as it sounds. This is the Superman I love.

Action 994-995
Supes and Booster Gold deal with fractured time, including ending up in Booster's time and dealing with Booster's dad. I can't wait to see where this ends up.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Really Late Reviews

So, my PC is dead, and I'm typing this on my tablet, which means an onscreen keyboard I can't touch type on, so it's slow going. The reviews will be brief.

Captain America 697
We get into the meat of the story, with Steve hunted by Kraven. Intriguing.

Black Lightning 3
I love the new TV show so far and I'm enjoying this book. The social commentary is appreciated.

Jessica Jones 15
More creepiness with the Purple Man.

The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers 5
Decent conclusion to the story, though too long between chapters diluted it.

Kill or be Killed 15
A neat plot twist keeps this suspense story rolling.

Flash 36-38
Decent issues featuring Iron Heights prison and some Rogues.

Hawkeye 14
Clint meets Madame Masque-in-cloned-Kate-body. Fun issue.

Green Arrow 36
Dinah rescues Ollie, then things get complicated. I love this book.

Ms. Marvel 25-26
Kamala is AWOL, so her friends pick up the slack. Wonderful, as usual.

Nightwing 35-37
The Judge, a vicious killer Dickinson couldn't capture years ago, is back. I love how this iteration of NW's book works his history into the stories.

Superwoman 17-18
This once amazing book limps to the finish line. It's a shame.

Titans 18-19
Decent enough for me to keep reading, not bad enough for me to drop.

Action Comics 993
I have more of this to read. Super is in the past on Krypton to learn more about his father, and Booster Gold shows up. That alone makes this worth reading.

Tales of Suspense 100: Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier
Clint and Bucky don't think Black Widow is really dead, so they go looking for her. Nice start.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Another Round of Old Before New Reviews

First, I'm not getting my new comics today. Because it's cold and windy, and while I don't mind cold, I do mind high winds. I plan to venture out tomorrow.

Second, as usual, I've been negligent in posting. I read a lot of comics, but kept forgetting/putting off typing the albeit brief reviews. So, mea culpa and all that.

Third, I'm just as bad with watching streamed shows. See, because they're on streaming services, I can watch/binge at any time. Live TV comes first, then the shows I DVR, and finally, Netflix. I just started with Marvel's Defenders from the summer and after 5 episodes, I'm loving it. It's fun seeing the characters meet and get to know each other.

And now, the reviews!

Captain America 696
The Steve Rogers we know and love is back. A nice throwback type of story, very enjoyable, as Steve tries to connect with average Americans.

Black Lightning 2
It's hard to be a superhero when people think you're a killer. This is good, especially if you like a bit of social commentary with your comics, as I do.

Hawkeye 13
Kate and Clint team up! And it's as crazy as you'd expect. A fun comic. And I love the cover.

Nightwing 34
A satisfying conclusion to the current story. Raptor has been a good addition to Dick's story and backstory.

Flash 35
A bunch of story threads come together in this latest story arc, especially regarding Meena and the Speed Force.

Superman in Action Comics 992
The aftermath of "The Oz Effect" has Kal reeling, wondering about who he really is. This feels like buildup to a major story in issue 1000.

Superman 36
The end of the New Gods story (thank goodness) which ends with Supes and Luther arguing and Luther starting to scheme after Supes leaves.

Green Arrow 35
Sometimes, Ollie is an idiot, which is why it's good he has Kimi and Dinah to look out for him. This time, he trusted his surprisingly not-dead mother double crosses him. I love this comic.

Green Arrow Annual 1
A decent holiday story, but the art isn't as good as in the numbered issues.

Black Magick 9
Sometimes, I just stare at Nicola Scott's amazing art in this book and forget to read Greg Rucka's equally fine words. I'm not a big fan of magic kind of fantasy, but this is a grounded magic fantasy story and I'm really enjoying it.

Kill or be Killed 14
Brubaker keeps hitting homers with this book. Dylan's narrative voice is perfect and somewhat mesmerizing. In this chapter, he learns a bit more of his family history which may or may not shed light on the demon that's been haunting him. This is a topnotch psychological thriller.

Rocket Girl 9-10
I have to admit, I was losing interest in this. With so much time between many of the issues, I'd lost the thread of the story and really couldn't figure out how serious I should take this. If not for having backed this on Kickstarter and being in love with Amy Reeder's art, I might've stopped reading. I'm glad I stuck with it. The ending was a surprise, even if I'd figured some things out. Now I need to read the whole thing in one sitting.

Michael Cray 1-2
Cray is an interesting character from the WildCats book and this story exploring his background makes him more interesting. Good stuff.

Astro City 49
There are not enough superlatives for Astro City. This done-in-one story about a daughter trying to discover what happened to her father has emotional heft, as this series usually does.

Copperhead 16
This focuses on the secondary characters while revealing things about the missing sheriff. I'm enjoying this book, but I wish the art was better.

Ghost Station Zero 4
The conclusion of the latest Codename Baboushka story. Despite the cartoonish art, this is a high-adventure, high-action book about a kickass female operative. I'd love to see it filmed, especially now that I've finally watched the movie "Atomic Blonde," which was based on Baboushka's writer, Antony Johnston's graphic novel "The Coldest City."

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Most Reviews Ever

First, apparently there are people reading this blog! Thanks to those of you who commented on the previous post, even if anonymously. It is greatly appreciated.

Second, I got addicted to a game called Home Street and have been playing it obsessively on my tablet. It's the main reason why these reviews are so late and my comics reading has lagged.

Third, the reviews. They will be brief and in no particular order.

Copperhead 15
I don't like the art quite as much as in the first arc, though the style is being maintained. The story is keeping me reading. Can't beat a space western mystery.

Descender 25-26
The robots are getting the upper hand and everyone wants Tim-21, either intact or destroyed. I do love this.

Wildstorm 8-9
This reimagining of the WildStorm universe continues to impress, even if I have to go by hairstyle (and facial hair or lack of same for the males) to tell characters apart.

Captain America 695
Apparently, the other Cap wasn't really Cap and this one is. I never did read the end of all that evil Cap stuff, which started off great and got annoying after about 6 or 7 issues. With Waid and Samnee on this, I figured I'd give it a try. Pretty good, basic heroic Cap. I'll probably keep reading.

Black Lightning 1
So nice to have Jefferson back, along with Tony Isabella at the helm, even if only for a mini-series.

Jessica Jones 14
After the irritating first story, this has gotten better. And the return of the Purple Man makes for a creepy read.

Batwoman 9
Nothing like an issue that's mostly fear venom-induced hallucinations to get to the heart of a character. I'm enjoying this version of Batwoman.

Hawkeye 12
Still proof that Kate is the better Hawkeye, at least to read about. Her personality bounds off the page.

Super Sons 10
The duo gets gifted with a secret sanctuary, from their dads. Fun.

Superman 34-35
Darkseid and the New Gods were never favorites of mine, but this has been decent.

Nightwing 33
I'm enjoying how the character of Dick Grayson has been deconstructed and explored in Rebirth.

Superwoman 16
This has been rather meh lately.

Ms. Marvel 24
This continues to be my favorite Marvel title. So much fun.

Action 991
As the thousandth issue looms(!), "The Oz Effect" comes to a conclusion, or does it? This has been an interesting storyline that adds to Superman's mythos.

Flash 34
Sometimes, Barry is an idiot. He always sees the best in people even when the evidence says otherwise, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Titans 17
Two Donnas! One from now and one from the future. This could either end in an exciting finish or crash and burn. I'm really hoping my favorite team gets the former conclusion to this storyline.

Lady Mechanika: The Clockwork Assassin 3
Nice conclusion to the story. And the art continues to mesmerize me. Wonderful steampunk.

Kill or be Killed 13
Brubaker is at his best in this psychological thriller about a serial killer.