Saturday, October 03, 2015

Another Slow Week

Just two to review today.

Captain America White 2
I'm really enjoying this look at the early days of Cap and Bucky's partnership by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, even if it doesn't quite match up with Brubaker's take on the characters. Told from Steve's pov, there's an underlying poignancy to the story of Cap and Bucky working with Fury and the Commandos.

Wonder Woman 77 Special 2
I am so glad they're continuing to do these specials using the Lynda Carter version of Diana from the '70's TV show. Marc Andreyko does a great job with writing chores and the teams of artists really bring the TV actors to life. Pure fun, the way comics are at their best.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Slow Week

I got only one comic this week, which is unusual. What is usual is that I still have plenty of older comics to read, so I'm reviewing some of those, too.

The one from this week is Astro City 27, which delves into the origin of American Chibi and it's a delight. A rash of villains is linked to where American Chibi is from: a videogame developed by a woman named Marguerite Li, who got the idea from a dream. But that dream had sinister origins and she ended up creating a portal to another realm. This is such a wonderful comic and as usual, it brought a tear or two to my eye at story's end. One of the best comics being published.

Older comics I read, though not all that old:

Agent Carter (50 Years of SHIELD) 1
There wasn't much to this story, though it did guest star Lady Sif. Apparently, the whole thing was a test. I was hoping for more.

Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies 1-5
The story isn't done yet, but at least I've caught up. Lady Mechanika gets involved when her associate's niece's grandfather disappears while on an expedition to Africa to find a lost city. What he did find was the Tablet of Destinies that supposedly holds the secret to alchemy, the ability to change one element to another. I really like this steampunk comic.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quickie Reviews

I know! It's just one day past New Comics Day! I'm feeling so virtuous.

Sometimes, I wonder if more than one or two people are still reading this blog. I feel like asking for a show of hands.

Anyway, here's what I read last night.

Captain America White 1
Including issue 0. Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale tell a tale from WWII about Cap and Bucky. Other than not having Steve outright recruit Bucky as his partner, as per Ed Brubaker's run on Cap, this is pretty good, covering Cap's guilt about Bucky's death, the consequences of young men -- boys, really -- going to war.

Harley Quinn 20
A send-up of Hollywood, as Harley heads to the west coast to retrieve a young woman being held by a cult, only that's not quite the reality she finds. My only quibble is that Harley seems surprised by people dressing up as costumed characters to pose with tourists. It's a hustle here in NYC, too, so Harley should have known about it. Since authors Conner and Palmiotti moved from NYC a few years ago, they might not be as aware of this as we residents are, since it's been in the news for a while now. Otherwise, a fun book, with a surprising guest star.

The Spirit 3
The intrepid young detectives Strunk and White continue to investigate The Spirit's disappearance in this rather entertaining take on the character.

Shutter 15
This weird book keeps getting weirder. The fierce lion Shaw who has taken Kate's little brother captive has family issues of his own, while Kate, uh, she's on a psychodelic trip. I'd say this book can't get weirder, but it's proven me wrong so many times, I won't say it.

Hawkeye 5
Those creepy kids really are dangerous, even if they can't help it, and that puts Clint and Kate at odds. I'm with Clint this time. The flashbacks are getting a bit repetitious, starting to feel like filler to pad out the story.

Black Canary 4
Wacked-out Maeve is on the run with Ditto, and is turning her over to Amanda Waller! But a mysterious someone rescues Ditto, and I have no idea what's going on, but I'm enjoying this, so what the heck. As with Shutter, I'll just keep reading.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekly Reading Part Two

And here's the rest of what I read this week.... well, actually last night.

Quake 1
Marvel is doing one-shots (I guess) to commemorate "50 Years of SHIELD," so I'm reading the books for characters I know but don't really know much about, mainly because I know them from the movies or TV. First, I read the one for Mockingbird, and now Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. This takes place around 2010, and covers a time when Steve Rogers promoted Daisy to First Team in SHIELD. Essentially, this is a character piece and a pretty decent one.

Harley Quinn Road Trip Special 1
Harley's beloved uncle dies, so she has to travel to California to pick up his ashes and the Airstream Trailer he left to her, so she enlists her good friends Ivy and Selina to join her. Which makes this a bit of a Gotham City Sirens reunion. The gals party as only they can, and Selina's little side heist of a valuable necklace from the thief who originally stole it leads to a complication en route back to New York. Fun story from Conner and Palmiotti and lovely art from a team of artists, including Blevins, Moritat, Armentaro, Qualand, and Dougherty, all names unfamiliar to me.

Bitch Planet 5
Finally. This is the last of the first volume and it ends with a shocker, as the prisoners prepare for their battle in the upcoming Megaton "game" by playing a practice round vs their guards. These women are tough, but the deck is definitely stacked against them. The back page material in this comic are as important to read as the story, with this issue's LoCs full of moving personal stories. The photos of actual NC (Non Compliance) tattoos are cool to see, also. This satiric comic should be must reading.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Weekly Reading

A mixed bag this week, and I still have a few more to read. Some of these below, as usual, are from last week.

Gotham Academy 10
The Shakespearean issue, aka Let's put on a play! With Clayface! And Olive's mother might be alive. Maybe. Such a fun book.

Starfire 4
Fun and fluffy, with Atlee, a character I loved back in Palmiotti and Conner's Power Girl series. I think she worked better with Kara than Kori, but they make a nice team in defeating the creature after Atlee. I am tired of Kori being so naive. This isn't the Kori who recently broke up with Roy Harper. Speaking of whom....

Red Hood/Arsenal 4
Still the worst name for a comic I read. This isn't a bad book, just not as good as Red Hood and the Outlaws was. And Roy is just too juvenile for me. By now, he should be showing some sense of responsible adult behavior. This is the angsty, addict Roy, but still not quite the Roy I've loved for decades.

Ms. Marvel 18
The last page makes this so worth it! One more issue til everything changes in the Marvel 'verse. Kamala rescues her brother and bonds with Carol Danvers, and proves herself the best of the best in the Marvel universe.

DC Comics Bombshells 1-2
Cute premise, reimagining DC female heroes during WWII, but in trying to fit a lot of them into the story, everyone gets shortchanged. And as per a great discussion I had with a couple of gals at my LCS, Kate Kane is either no longer Jewish, or it's being ignored, which during WWII, would have been an issue for her, even here in the US. The art is lovely, though the story is a bit lacking.

Lady Mechanika 0-5
I'm really enjoying this steampunk comic. This first tale, "The Mechanical Corpse" (issue 0 is more of an introduction, with 1-5 being the story) creates a wonderful realm. Joe Benitez writes and draws and has created a wonderful heroine who, while taking on dastardly villains and their plots and schemes, is also trying to find out who made her, who gave her her mechanical parts and why. So the book works on two levels: the story at hand and the underlying mystery of Lady M's origin. Next up for Lady Mechanika is Tablet of Destinies.

Friday, September 04, 2015


The past week's reviews and a few more.

The Spirit 1-2
Dynamite has brought back the Spirit and since I love Denny Colt and I enjoy writer Matt Wagner's work, I figured this was worth a try. So far, it's different. The storyline starts with the second anniversary of The Spirit's disappearance/presumed death, and his friends are determined to find out what happened to him. So far, it's entertaining and in the ... uh, spirit of The Spirit.

Mockingbird 1 (50 Years of SHIELD tie-in title)
I like the character from the Agents of SHIELD TV show and I got familiar with the comic book version via the Hawkeye compilation Avenging Archer, so I wanted to see Bobbi in her own story. This one's mostly a mystery for her to solve, when her long ago mentor is murdered. A nice, simple story showcasing her skills and it's fun to know she still sort of pines for Clint.

Lazarus 19
This was my "read immediately" comic of the week given the cliffhanger of last issue. Not that I thought Forever had died, but it wasn't looking good for her. The situation is getting downright nasty and by the time Forever revives, she might not be in time to prevent disaster for her family. This is dystopian science fiction in comic book form at its best.

Broken World 4 (of 4)
A decent resolution, not really unexpected, but given all the setup, a bit flat. There was enough built into the setup and main character to make a nice 6-part mini-series, and the first 3 issues moved at a decent enough pace that this final installment felt a bit ... not rushed, but unfulfilling. I guess I wanted more angst, not a neat sum-up at the end. Given how it ended, maybe a follow-up mini-series is in the works, depending on sales. I'm not sure if I'd read it. I am curious as to where this could go, but it was fairly predictable, so maybe not worth another look.

Barb Wire 3
Barb's attempt, with her crew, to take down the BIG and very weird and very nasty Wyvern Stormblud makes for some mindless fun.

And for more mindless fun, there's...
Harley Quinn 19
Harley goes to rescue her team of apprentices from the space seaweed addicted Captain Strong and it's not pretty. Lots of gross jokes, but a lot of heart, too, a combo that pretty much defines the Harley Quinn comic.

If someone had told me years ago that I'd have only one DC comic on my reading list in a given week, I wouldn't have believed it, but it's the case now. It still surprises me.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Really Short Week

For me and comics, that is. It's odd when a middle-of-the-month week means only 2 comics for me. But they are good ones.

Black Canary 3
I'm really enjoying this book, thanks in no small part to Annie Wu's art. However, Brenden Fletcher's story gives her plenty to work with. In this chapter, Dinah's ex-husband might not be as evil as we thought, as he claims he's just trying to help her and Ditto. But let's face it, good intentions don't usually mean much, especially in fiction. Exciting, breezy fun.

Astro City 26
This is the 20th anniversary issue of Astro City and to celebrate, Busiek and Anderson echo the first story, "In Dreams", with a story titled "In Dreams 2015" and a truly lovely cover by Alex Ross. As in that first story, the focus is on Samaritan, the most powerful hero of all in the realm of Astro City for an elegant, soaring single-issue tale. One of the best comics around.