Thursday, May 25, 2017

Just Two

I can't believe I had only 2 comics to buy this week. Only one was on my pull list: Wonder Woman. The other, Deathstroke, I needed because of the crossover with Titans and Teen Titans.

I'll start with Deathstroke 19
We get the backstory behind Slade's scheme involving both Wally West speedsters, and to be honest, this was better than the Titans and Teen Titans entries so far in "The Lazarus Contract" thus far. The art was rather ordinary, though.

Wonder Woman 23
Wow. I read this on the subway ride home from my LCS, and was hardpressed to not cry aloud. Tears did fill my eyes, but I willed them not to fall. The dovetailing stories in the past and present merged in a brilliant, beautiful resolution. This is Wonder Woman at her finest. Liam Sharp's art is gorgeous as usual, especially for the climactic sequence when Diana confronts Deimos and Phobos not in an epic battle of swordplay but in an honest display of emotion, disarming them with love. It's amazing and it sets Wonder Woman apart from pretty much every other superhero book. I don't know what direction the book will take once Rucka officially signs off, but this run will remain as a testament of how good Wonder Woman can be.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

More Reviews

I'm nearly caught up, which means I can soon get back to the stack of graphic novels and collected editions.

Bitch Planet 10
I'm glad there's a synopsis in the front of this because, given the time between issues, I sometimes forget where the story left off. This picks up with a riot at the prison for non-compliant females. More and more, reading this satire feels like reading the news.

Descender 21
The end of the current storyline has the robots with the upper hand, so to speak. I'm not sure where this is headed, but it's still intriguing. I suppose, as with a prose novel, this would work better if read all at once.

Kill or be Killed 8
Dylan is closer to the edge now that the police are on the lookout for the vigilante killer. This is a fascinating look into the mind of a killer and I still can't decide if the demon behind it is real or a figment of his own mind.

Astro City 44
This focuses on a super kitty with enough powers to give Streaky, Supergirl's pet, some serious competition. Cute story.

Wildstorm 4
I'm as confused and entertained as with previous issues. There's a familiar feel with the Wildstorm characters, yet they also feel fresh.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Two Weeks of Comics

Lots of reviews to catch up with from the past two weeks, maybe longer.

Wildstorm 3
I just picked up the next issue, but haven't gotten to it yet. The storyline is really intriguing, with the characters feeling familiar yet fresh with this new take on the old Wildstorm universe.

Astro City 43
I've got the next one after this, too, and haven't read it yet. This was a sweet tale of a girl who doesn't age and her father, the hero known as The Gentleman. 

Gotham Academy Second Semester 9
This last story, with Olive fully possessed by her mad ancestor, is a real romp. I hope the book returns in another form because I really love these characters.

Superwoman 10
A bit of a setup type of issue with the new creative team setting up Lana to continue as Superwoman. The book still looks good and I love this version of Lana.

Wonder Woman 22
This chapter in the flashback storyline felt like filler even though written by Rucka, and I didn't think the art by Andolfo suited, giving the book a more cartoonish feel than I prefer for Diana.

Titans 11
The Lazarus Contract crossover (with Deathstroke and Teen Titans) begins, so I'll have to read those others, which I don't read and I hate crossovers with books I don't read, but I'll do it because of the Titans. Slade Wilson has trapped Wally and has some crazy idea he can use Wally to help him resurrect his dead son. Yeah, I'm sure that will work just fine. Not.

Teen Titans 8
Lazarus Contract 2 finds the other Wally also nabbed by Slade, bringing the Titans and Teen Titans together to find their missing speedsters, with some requisite bickering first.

Ms. Marvel 18
In a change of pace, this issue focuses on Bruno, studying in Wakanda and feeling out-of-place. It's perfect.

Nightwing 21
Wally visits and he and Dick have an adventure. The story doesn't seem to fit with the previous story. New team? Fill-in issue? I don't know, but this felt so ordinary, something the book hasn't been.

Super Sons 4
Luther shows up to bail the boys out of trouble, after Damian had sent him a message. There's something just so fun about this book. Damian and Jon are just precious together with their bickering.

Superman 23
Things go from bad to worse and the town seems to be populated by disguised aliens who are at war with other aliens. And they see Jon as their savior. Or something.

Green Arrow 23
After I stared at the cover for a while, with a really nice rendition of Roy, I read the story. Dinah is researching the Queen family, the evil CEO of Queen Industries has an offer for Henry, Ollie thinks Henry might be dead or at best a captive, and Emi and Roy team up to stop Cheshire from poisoning Seattle's water supply. And to my delight, Roy acknowledges that he and Cheshire once dated. So that's real in Rebirth.

The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers 3
The story might involve zombies. But what makes this wonderful is Franavilla's art and layouts (he also wrote and lettered the issue). Just a delight to look at.

Batwoman 3
Kate's past really is making her present a mess. I'm still not sure what I think of this version of the character.

Flash 22
The Button concludes, for now, I guess, with a promo for something to come in November. Jay Garrick makes a brief appearance in the speed force. I really have no idea where this is going since I'm not well-versed in the Watchmen series, but I'm enjoying this storyline behind Rebirth.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Last Week This Week

Some of these might be older than a week. I'm sure Batwoman 2 is older. The Rebirth version of Kate Kane is interesting. Bennett and Tynion are weaving a flashback story in with the present day tale of the hunt for the people dealing the monster venom. Throw in Epting's art and this is pretty decent.

Champions 8
Not much action as the gang tries to deal with the aftermath of their brand and rep being tarnished by Freelancers. A decent conclusion to that problem is reached.

Jessica Jones 8
Maria Hill is in a bind and goes to Jessica for help. She must be desperate. heh heh

Hawkeye 6
Jessica Jones, completing her guest star turn in this book, is more entertaining here than in her own book, mainly because we see her through Kate's perpetually upbeat perspective. I'm loving this book.

Batman 22
The Button continues, but what makes this chapter special is Bruce getting to talk to his father. Some real touchy-feely stuff here.

Superman 22
Supes has gone off to look for the missing Batman, Jon and Damian are also AWOL, and Lois is left to deal with her happy little town not being quite what she and her family have believed. A fun and creepy take on the ominous small town trope.

Green Arrow 22
Things go from bad to worse as Ollie's enemies plot to destroy Seattle. Green Arrow hasn't been this good in years.

Nightwing 20
The story arc concludes on a creepy, yet emotional note. I'm still loving this book.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

So Many Comics Yet So Little Time

Here's another 2-week review and a caveat that I didn't read everything yet. But I did read a bunch, mostly quite entertaining.

Superwoman 9
The first issue with a new creative team provides the aftermath of the first arc, with Lana now powerless and seeking her role in life. I've been enjoying Lana's psychological journey and don't think I've ever enjoyed her more than now. The art was fine, too.

Super Sons 3
Damian and Jon run into a girl with powers but all is not what it seems. Worth reading just for the sniping between the two pint-size heroes.

Nightwing 19
Shawn proves herself more than capable as she and Dick go hunting for the missing Damian (who's having a busy month!). Nightwing continues to shine during Rebirth.

Superman 21
The mystery of the weird dairy farmer neighbor and his granddaughter is finally being explored. I've suspected from the start that there's something odd about them. Batman went off somewhere, but Damian sticks around to help investigate. (I said he's having a busy month.)

Green Arrow 23
Attacks on multiple fronts aim to bring down Seattle in this first chapter of a new story arc. Ollie's going to have his hands full. The art was really nice this issue, moreso than usual.

Ms. Marvel 17
The hacker virus story concludes in a satisfying manner, as this book continues to be one of the bright spots in the Marvel 'verse.

Supergirl Being Super 3
Kara finds a fellow super being, a young man being held captive and his powers being drained for a fuel source. She helps him escape and he tells her about Krypton. This coming-of-age story continues to impress.

Wonder Woman 21
The elements and characters driving the story in the present day converge, with Diana discovering at issue's end, the source behind all the trouble. Or is he? One of my favorite Rebirth titles. I'm really going to miss Rucka's work on this book when he turns it over to the next creative team.

Star-Lord 6
The Grounded storyline concludes with Peter earning his reprieve so he can leave Earth and head back to space where he belongs. Not great, but rather enjoyable.

Batman 21 & Flash 21
The Button storyline begins! The mystery of the button will finally be solved! Not much story to the Batman issue, only Bruce getting the crap beat out of him by Reverse Flash. But in the Flash issue, Flash and Bats use the cosmic treadmill to take them to.... somewhere. An intriguing start.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Slow Week

These days, five comics equals a slow week. But all were entertaining.

Gotham Academy Second Semester 8
Olive's crazy ancestor Amity Arkham has fully possessed her, and that's not good for Gotham, as Amity has vengeance in mind. This book has become one long story, so much more than what it seemed when it all began. I love it.

Flash 20
An Iris-centric story, from her pov as she investigates the disappearance of Godspeed's victims. Intriguing.

Wonder Woman 20
The past and the present story arcs are getting close to meeting up, and when they do, it should be amazing. But Rucka and Sharp will be leaving the book after, so I'm a bit depressed about that. This might end up being my favorite run on Wonder Woman ever.

Titans 10
The Fearsome Five get the upper hand, with the goal of siphoning off the Titans' powers. I want more character development, but so far, I'm enjoying this.

Superman in Action 977
With Lois and Clark back at work at the Daily Planet, their lives meshing with their deceased predecessors, things get confusing, so Clark/Kal has the Fortress show him his past. A nice way to re-introduce his origin story.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Timely Reviews

Well, mostly timely.

Champions 7
The Champions take on the Freelancers and get a lesson in corporate greed. Not a typical superhero story and I'm curious as to how this story will end.

Green Arrow 20
I can't begin to say how happy this made me. I break out in a silly grin just thinking about it. The flashback storyline for Roy gets to the root of his problems and in the present-day story, he and Ollie find common ground. This is a deeper, richer backstory for Roy, while it restores the best of the original version. The only thing missing is his relationship with Dinah, how she helped him kick heroin, but I'll take it. I don't expect Rebirth to restore everything. It can't. Life moves on and this Earth isn't the Earth 1 of the '70s and '80s. But it's an Earth I'm coming to really love.

Hawkeye 5
Jessica Jones visits and Kate gets lots of lessons on PIing. I love the cover and the story is fun, too. Next issue should be even more fun.

Jessica Jones 7
The aftermath of the first arc, with Jessica and Luke talking but not talking. I'm still not sure what to think about this book.

Lazarus 26
Wow. The story is really ramping up and now we're getting another break, scheduled this time, with a side-story mini-series this summer, so artist Michael Lark can take a break. This is a dark world, so fitting in today's political climate, and I hate waiting for the next chapter.

Nightwing 18
Dick and Damian find Shawn, and I'm reminded yet again of how much I enjoy the two of them together.

Star-Lord 5
Forced into stealing for the Black Cat to keep Edmund's son safe, Peter thinks he has everything under control. Unfortunately, for him and Edmund, that isn't quite true and even with help from Logan and Daredevil, things go awry. Loose, breezy caper story.

Superman 20
Looks like we'll finally find out why Jon hasn't gained full superpowers and why the dairy farmer Cobb is rather squirrelly. Part one of "Black Dawn" shows promise for things to come.