Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reviews Galore

Another mixed bag of reviews, from this week and uh, past weeks, in no particular order.

Copperhead 4
This space western mystery is enjoyable, but hasn't felt as special as I'd hoped. It feels as if something is missing, so I'm hoping the resolution of the mystery elevates it.

Shutter 7
With too much time between issues, I tend to lose track of what's going on. Fortunately, there's a handy little summary on the back. This is an odd book, but mostly fun. I'm not sure what it says about a comic, though, when my favorite character is the robot cat.

Fairest 32
One more issue to go. The current story concluded in a satisfying way, with the distribution of the glamours and Reyard getting a family.

Legendary Star-Lord 6
Peter and Kitty's virtual date runs into trouble when people try to kill Peter, something that occurs with alarming frequency. A fun little book that has me wanting to watch the movie again. And now I can! Just got my copy of the dvd.

Jennifer Blood Born Again 5
A nice ending to this addenda to the original series as Jennifer comes to some realizations about herself and her life. Too bad so many people had to die for her to learn those lessons. I have enjoyed this book and character.

Harley Quinn 12
Guest-starring Power Girl. Need I say more? How about a cover by Amanda Conner? There's not much to this chapter of the story, but it sure is fun as Peej and Harley encounter trouble in an alien realm.

Black Widow 13
Natasha's lawyer has been shot and she's pissed. She's not someone anyone would want angry at them. However, Chaos, the people behind the shooting, seem to relish making her angry, because they're out to bring her down. Not much happens in each issue, but Noto's art makes the book worth picking up.

Captain Marvel 10
aka the 100th issue featuring Carol Danvers, complete with a retro cover. As for the story, there isn't much Carol and a lot of her friends back home as they contend with a threat against Carol that involves a LOT of rats. A pure delight of a book. Except for the rats. Ick.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 37
Best of Lobdell's return so far as he finally delves into Roy's background -- still don't know details about his parents -- and what caused the rift between him and Ollie. This sure isn't the Ollie I loved in the old DCU. And it's sure not the Ollie of TV's Arrow. Overall, a pretty decent chapter. Now if the actually story can be this good, we might have something.

Ms. Marvel 10
Kamala runs into an unexpected obstacle in trying to take down the Inventor, mainly, the kids she's trying to save don't want to be saved. This book continues to delight.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Can Review that Comic in One Line

I'm so far behind with posts here, that one line is the fastest way I can catch up.

This retro origin tale for the Grey Raven is loads of fun.

Copperhead 3
The mystery thickens as more cultural tensions in Copperhead are slowly revealed in this intriguing science fiction western tale.

Lazarus 13
Political machinations could have dire consequences in Rucka's excellent dystopian book.

Dream Police 5
I'm really enjoying this ongoing story about the people who police dreams, where nothing is quite what it seems.

Black Widow 12
Anderson Cooper (yes!) guest stars as the media questions Natasha's methods in this minimalist yet intriguing chapter.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 36
Not much happens as Roy lingers near death while Jason and Oliver Queen snap at each other, while Kori grapples with what she's done.

Captain Marvel 9
Much fun as Carol mediates a planned wedding between a reluctant rock star and an alien prince.

Jennifer Blood: Born Again 4
I figured the ending of the Jennifer Blood series had been sufficiently satisfying that more didn't need to be written, but I was wrong as I'm enjoying this story of Jen going up against an imposter.

Legendary Star-Lord 5
The usual entertaining hijinks as Peter runs into trouble, again.

Fairest 31
Much fun as a mystery is solved at the farm, while Reynard and his lady love deal with her unexpected pregnancy.

Velvet 8
Velvet risks her freedom and more to get a piece of intell in this amazing Cold War spy book.

Saga 24
So much emotion in this chapter, the last for a few months, plus all the great characterization, writing, and art that makes this my favorite comic.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Two More Reviews

Got my computer back on, so I thought I'd quickly review two more comics I read.

Jennifer Blood: Born Again 3
I've been enjoying this sequel to the Jennifer Blood series, in which an impostor pretends to be Jennifer Blood when Jennifer is presumed dead. Jennifer, in hiding, takes exception to that and goes after her impostor. But I thought Jennifer was taken down too easily. It will be interesting to see where this goes, but the cover was exploitive which, given the nature of this book, is saying a lot.

Copperhead 2
I'm enjoying this space western about a new sheriff in town on a remote planet, a single mother who isn't taken all that seriously by her alien deputy who thought he should have gotten the job. An interesting spin on an old storyline.

Friday, October 24, 2014


I've been having computer problems: a dying hard drive. So posting here is likely to be even more sporadic than usual until I can get a new computer.

And now, the reviews!

Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides 3
An emotional end to the 3-part story that reveals the person behind the bombings. A Painkiller Jane movie is in the works. I can't wait. Jane's a kickass character who deserves more attention.

Ms. Marvel 9
I didn't think it was possible for this book to get any better, but it did. Kamala learns where her powers come from as she continues her war against the Inventor. I'm not sure the creative team can top this, but I'm sure they will.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 35
Roy's in a bad way, and Kori is responsible. It seems Lobdell is completely ignoring what Tynion did with the book and that's a shame, because it all feels so disjointed now. Still, we might learn what drove Roy and Green Arrow apart, so I'll keep reading, if only for that.

Astro City 16
This had me in tears by the end. An absolutely beautiful story about finding your true self and acceptance.

Harley Quinn 11
Power Girl has amnesia and Harley has convinced her the two of them are a crime fighting team. Lots of self-mockery here with Peej critiquing her outfit, plus the usual inanity that Harley is known form. Fun stuff.

Captain Marvel 8
Release the flerken! The cover, with Carol waist-deep in flerken kitties and Rocket on her head brought to mind Captain Kirk and the Tribbles. But the flerken, due to their rarity, are a whole different sort of problem. The flerken and the book are fun and adorable.

Lazarus 12
Forever cleans up for a ball and even dances, while her father continues to plot against the Hock family. Lots of intrigue, great characters, and a compelling story. The cover is divine.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

NYCC and Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

A nice article on how NYCC implemented and publicized its anti-sexual harassment policy. It's sad that this is needed, but maybe someday, treating all people, all fans, with respect will become universal. Until then, NYCC is getting it right.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

NYCC Cosplayers

I didn't get photos of nearly as many cosplayers as I wanted. Some got past me too fast. Some shots I did take were blurry because I was too rushed. I also managed to cut off some feet as I had only my regular, kit lens, and couldn't back up enough. There were so many wonderful costumes, as always.

Another Year, Another New York Comic Con

This year, the 4-day passes sold out really fast, so by the time it was my turn, 50 minutes after entering the site's queue, there were only 3-day passes and dailies left. Three-day passes don't include Thursday, my favorite day because it's the least hectic, so I ended up getting passes for Thursday and Friday only, which cost a bit more than a 4-day pass. Adding Saturday would've been too much money to spend extra for walking around, shopping, and taking photos. I don't do panels; haven't done that at a con in years.

I spent most of Thursday in Artist Alley, chatting with folks and taking pictures. First stop was getting on the line for Amanda Conner, my favorite artist and one of the very few people I'd stand on line for these days. For most of my time at NYCC, Amanda has graciously let me take a photo of her with my little stormtrooper action figure, Steve. It's a NYCC tradition! Jimmy Palmiotti was there at the time, too, so I got them both to pose with little Steve. They're the nicest people and I love chatting with them.

Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, and Steve

I got to meet Kyle Higgins and picked up the not-yet-released-to-stores compilation of the first 5 issues of C.O.W.L. which has edged its way into my top 5 favorite comics with its unique slant of unionized superheroes.

Kyle Higgins

Autographed Copy of COWL Book 1
I don't really collect art, anymore. My money goes for action figures and other toys these days and I have no place to showcase art, anyway, thanks to no wall space. But I did get a few autographs on the cover of my program, including Adam Hughes.

Adam Hughes
I then headed over to the giant toy and comics mall, aka the seller's floor, and bought a few things. Mostly, I took pics of cosplayers and upcoming 1:6 action figures, such as these.

I already have Mal Reynolds, from QMx on pre-order. It was nice to see the figure in person, though!
Mal Reynolds 1:6 Scale Action Figure
 I became a Honey West fan with the TV series in the '60s and have enjoyed the recent comic book series. I do need to read the novels on which the show and comics were based. So I was happy to see that Phicen is doing a seamless action figure of Honey, due out in 2015.
Honey West 1:6 Action Figure Doll
And there's a new player when it comes to high end 1:6 action figures: Star Ace. Their distributor is YesAnime. They're starting out, this month, with a series of Harry Potter figures.

Ron Weasley and Harry Potter 1:6 Action Figures

I'll showcase my favorites of the cosplayers I snapped in another post.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A Few Quickies

I've been having computer problems, which is why I didn't post these earlier. Really.

Red Sonja: The Black Tower 1
Pretty nice start, with a cover by Conner and Mounts. The interior art by Razek is lovely and Tieri's story has a nice, mystical feel, focusing on the violence that occurs when a dark tower rises overnight, causing fear in the town's inhabitants. Sonja is determined to get to the bottom of things.

Red Sonja 12
As expected, once Sonja shows up at the Emperor's with the requested artisans, he reneges on their deal for him to release his slaves. Things look dire after Sonja is imprisoned for opposing him, but the artisans have become as much as family to her and they do what they can to set things right. A nice bit of fluff.

Gotham Academy 1
Wow, this was fun. More, please! Cloonan and Fletcher have crafted a marvelous tale, or start of one, with wonderful teen characters and a boarding school full of secrets that, while it might not rival Hogwarts, has enough thrills and chills to keep me reading. It's always nice to find a comic that remembers comics should be fun. Karl Kerschl's lovely, lively art doesn't hurt, either.

Fairest 30
The mystery of the missing glamour is solved in high style, while Reynard gets in deeper and deeper into the mess he's made. Interestingly, the cover is page one of the story, something Vertigo is doing this month. I can't say it isn't gorgeous and effective, but I miss the overall cover as cover art.

Black Widow 11
With some help, Natasha rescues her lawyer. A decent chapter in the complicated story without end.

Legendary Star Lord 4
Peter goes up against Thanos. It doesn't go well. It is, however, fun to read.

Harley Quinn Future's End 1
The wedding of Harley and Joker. Maybe. The usual lunacy from Palmiotti, Conner, and Hardin. Another comics team that knows the importance of fun in a comic.