Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It Had to Happen

An offshoot of Shelly's Book Shelf, this will be where I occasionally discuss the comic books and graphic novels I read.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM EDT

    Looks great,, looking forward

  2. Thanks, Patricio. It took me 2 hours last night with my camera -- I took the photos of the comic covers -- and Photoshop to get that header the way I liked it. :)

  3. Anonymous10:53 PM EDT

    Boffo site! (Even if I don't read comix...) Nice header, too :-)

  4. Anonymous11:42 PM EDT

    it's about time!!!!

    i really can't wait....:)

    my pull list is huuuuuuuugeeee....
    so i have no doubt we're reading at least a few of the same titles these days...

    The Outsiders(i miss judd),Green Lantern(manhunters, hehe...), Supergirl(what a battle, right?),Wolverine(how many people has he killed already, i lost are sum i noticed on ur list of readings....

    and if i don't read sum of the titles u write about, who knows.....reading about them might just push me to add them to my own list(even though i'm alway talking about cutting down a

    u ever do that?...just go to the shop and pick up....uuuuh, i don't know, just about everything!!!!

    let me hit the sack....:)

    p.s. for sum reason i didn't think u'd give Supergirl a

    (h-boogie= Hector)

  5. M, I spent 2 hours working on that header, taking the pictures of the comics, adjusting them in photoshop. The lettering took forever, just to settle on 4 fonts, then pick the one to use, then play with the filters and things. Glad you like it.

    Hector, isn't it about time you updated your LJ? heh heh

    I have to update my pull list here, as I'm getting more than what I have posted. And yeah, back in the day, the 1970s and early '80s, I was buying 35 comics per month, mostly DCs, but some Marvels, too. I can't begin to get back to that much reading. I'm too busy with blogs these days. :)