Sunday, November 13, 2005

Quick Bits

Trying to catch up with the stacks. Seems as soon as I whittle down the stack of comics to read, more get dumped on top.

Catwoman 48
Pretty cover. I'm liking the interior art by Pete Woods, too. It's not as moody as this comic became known for, but it has a neat edge, a distinctive look. Selina's quest to save her beloved East End heats up considerably. The end is an appropriate cliffhanger, but is it part of her very dangerous plan? The storyline brought to us by the new team is different than what I've come to expect from this title, but it seems to fit the direction DC is going with Crisis and the upcoming 52. The DCverse is a very dangerous realm.

Hawkman 46
This felt like a fill in issue, wrapping up some loose ends, getting ready for the next story arc. Nice art and comfortable banter between Carter and Kendra.

JSA 79
Another lovely cover. The black backgrounds and painting quality drawings have really given this book its own look. This is the middle episode in a 3-book arc, played on three fronts: the 6th Dimension where Jakeem seems to be the villain du jour, Dr. Fate's tower where Mordru is tormenting a handful of JSAers, and briefly, somewhere else where Hector and Lyta are in dire straits. Enough action and suspense to make me eager for the next installment.

Outsiders 30
And they said this book wouldn't last. Katana, an original Outsider, guest stars and takes the cover. Since she was one of my favs of the old group, I don't mind. Really nice art by Clark and Thibert and slick paper makes it hard to not like this book right now. Judd's writing is at its usual level, meaning some folks will love it, others will hate it, and some stragglers will be indifferent. I love it, but I know he's not the best out there. As long as he treats the characters well, mainly Roy, I'm happy. There are some funny lines in here and an escalating sense of danger, with Donna Troy coming in to save the day and set up the Outsiders' role in the Crisis, or so it appears.

No real standouts in this bunch, but nice, solid comic reads.

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