Thursday, November 24, 2005

Recent Reads

Yeah, I'm still catching up.

Wolverine 34 and 35
I'm lost. This is the only Marvel title I read. The only thing I've heard about the House of M is that I heard about it. I have no clue what's going on, so can't really comment about these issues. I'll have to see if this is a title I can continue reading. It would be a shame if not. I was really enjoying the book.

Supergirl 3, Superman 223 guest staring Supergirl
I think I Supergirl 5 comes between these, but I don't have that yet. Hopefully, soon. Re: SG 4, I'm a bit tired of Supergirl battles every hero group in sight, but her crush on Nightwing was cute and the art was nice. And things are setting up nicely for the heart of the story, the battle with Luther. Not much I can say about Supes 223, since I don't normally read the Superman books and this was out of context. Again, nice art, though.

Green Lantern 5
Finally. I was forgetting where things left off. Pretty strong gross out factor here, nice art, gritty action, room for plenty of story possibilities and developments, though except for the fight with the evolved Shark, this still has the feel of setup. I feel we're going somewhere with this book, but the road signs are still a bit blurred.

Green Arrow 56
Decent art, strong action, good setup for next issue's climax battle with Dr. Light. This is Light at his dastardliest. Mia fought valiantly, but made an amateur's mistake, leading Light straight to Connor. I've got high hopes for next ish. And such a lovely cover.

Birds of Prey 88
This continues to be one of my favorite books, along with Outsiders, Hawkman, and JSA. Strong writing in regards to both character and plot and strong art blend perfectly. Savant has developed into more than a one-note character and I'm actually wondering if he'll cave and reveal Oracle's ID to Calculator. I'm thinking yes, leading to a battle royal next issue, but I want to see him keep that secret. I like Savant and Creote. Gail Simone does what are primarily setup chapters better than anyone, except maybe Geoff Johns. I also like the little touches, like Babs sleeping in a Green Lantern tee-shirt. And the scenes between Dinah and Ollie were overdue and much welcomed. The cover didn't seem to fit, seems more suited perhaps to next issue.


  1. Anonymous10:36 PM EST

    House of M was highly overhyped, with an ending that made it abundantly clear that it was just a set up for the next contrived "universe shattering" event.

    Thank the comic gods for small press, as it seems to be the bulk of my reading these days. (Although DC seems to handling their big event better than the Marvel debacle, but the big event gimmick is getting old)

  2. I've been reading DC Comics for 45 years, so I have a lot of emotion invested in those characters. And yes, the hype does get old after a while. Still, I'm looking forward to see what will occur in 52.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

  3. Anonymous12:15 AM EST

    Man, there's so many things on ur write-up that I'm ALMOST up to in my reading, while still playing catch-up...aaaalmost

    Well, as far as Wolverine.....
    I MUST warn u, the new story arc is going to be SO different from what you have gotten used to with Millar and Romita.....

    Will u still enjoy it?, I don't know,
    me, I'm an active Marvel reader, so I'm kinda in the flow of things....even if I don't like everything that's been going down.

    First a little about HoM.
    It definitely felt like a "forced" mega event for Marvel, clearly a response to all the Crisis stuff happening at DC, and its success.

    Anyway, one day I'll explain HoM 2 u.

    As for Supergirl, I think you meant issue #3, cause I just read

    I've been a huge fan of Churchill's art for years, so I'm glad he's on this book.
    Luthor scares me, plain and simple.

    I must admit, this book's pretty interesting.

    I figured you'd like the whole crush-on-Nightwing thing:)

  4. Oops. Thanks, H, for catching the typo on the SG issue. I fixed it.

    I also dropped Wolverine today. I just can't see continuing to get it if I'm not getting any other Marvels and have no interest in the M universe as a whole.

    It's a shame. I was really enjoying that book.

  5. Anonymous12:42 AM EST

    I feel your pain:(

    Well, just in case,

    What seems to be going on with Wolvie after the infamous HoM is-

    he FINALLY remembers his true origins.....

    Don't know if that would spark your curiosity, but I'll try to keep you updated on Wolvie's life....

    You know what book I think you would have appreciated, writing-wise?- Captain America.

    Don't know if you've heard anything about Ed Brubaker, but man can this guy write......
    This is the most fun I’ve had, reading Capt A in a WHILE. (he’s my fav character)

    well, ttyl,
    work 2morrow:(

  6. I loved Ed Brubaker's work on Catwoman. I was sad to see him leave. He's a good writer, good at plotting, especially suspense.

    Logan's true origins other than what was in "Origin"? Okay, you'll have to tell me. Email me if you want.

    I'm working tomorrow too, so I guess I should get to bed. Later. :)

  7. Anonymous3:05 PM EST

    Hi Shelly,
    I just blogged about BOP 88 myself. I am a huge Barbara Gordon/Batgirl fan (being a redheaded librarian!). I even had a pic a few posts ago wearing a Green Lantern T!
    Also, thanks for the link to the DC post on my blog. I got it 3rd hand from Riot Comics- said he was reading the details of DC's RRP summit.
    Redhead Fangirl

  8. Hi, redhead fangirl,
    Thanks for the input. I just read your entry on BoP 88. I'm a librarian, too, but my hair is dark brown.