Sunday, December 25, 2005

Infinite Crisis 3

Yes, I finally got Infinite Crisis 3 and read it. The art was stunning. I just want to get that out of the way. That's how Diana is supposed to look. And the emotion on all the faces.... just wonderful.

A lot was covered here, going back and forth among a few groups of characters, tying things together as the story moves forward in an ever-complex fashion. Clearly, there are plenty of surprises to come, with some already hinted at. And clearly, there's more to the first Crisis Earth 2 survivors than we've been told. Fav moment: Supes of Earth 2 telling Bats of what was Earth 1 that the Dick Grayson of Earth 2 isn't as good a man as the one Bats knows. I like that Bruce asked as much as I liked the answer.

One nitpick. Either someothing major occurred in the Aquaman book I don't read, or Tempest's kid had a sex change operation, because Tempest tells Dolphin to get their daughter out of there and I could've sworn they had a son, though I was pleased Johns (or someone) remembered he is a father.

I never really read Crisis on Infinite Earths. I skimmed and had planned to read it straight through when done, then saw Supergirl killed and never bothered reading the hated thing. This time, I'm trying to keep a more open mind and accept the change. I like to think I'm more grown up now and as a writer (aspiring to pro publication), I understand the creative urge to stir things up, remake the universe, etc. All I ask is that they do it well. And that Roy Harper survives. I do have limits re: what I can accept.


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM EST

    Asking about Dick was definitely the high point in the comic, Batman rarely gets to show his humanity and depth of care so openly, I think.

    As for the child, Tempest and Dolphin have been married for a while in comic-time, I'd guess (always hard to estimate) so maybe they just had a second child, and the first was already some place safe. (And fathers are often more openly protective of daughters than sons).

  2. Yes, Batman is being made to feel very human lately. :)

    As for Tempest's child, I strongly doubt there was a second child. Time tends to run very slowly in comics, otherwise, Garth and Dick and that whole generation would be in their 40s at least, by now. I think someone screwed up.

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM EST

    Yeah, I continue to enjoy Infinite Crisis (almost in spite of myself). I loved Batman's "I wish I could just start over" moment, and even though Diana's thoughtful self-sacrifice was not un-expected, her actions moved me nonetheless.

    When will the Shadowpact get their butts in gear and straighten out the Spectre, is what I really want to know...

  4. Ah, yes, the Spectre. I'm hoping that gets resolved soon. It's starting to wear a bit thin. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Anonymous12:36 AM EST

    They went screwy with tempest.

    It's just the way it is for the Aquafamily.

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM EST

    I haven't touched Infinity Crisis yet. I do have the entire, original, "Crisis of infinite earths" nicely bagged and stored. I actually liked it because the DC universe had too many "variants" and I kept getting confused "which batman had done what with whom and when" because some had kids, some didn't, some were old, some weren't... what a mess.

    I haven't been all that thrilled with the idea of "another crisis", so I've avoided it. I think I'll wait for the whole thing to be slapped into a graphic and then read it in one sitting.

    I also have a VERY sour taste in my mouth over Marvel's "house of M" horror we just went through. Gacked too much of what I'd loved in the comics I'd been reading... I may drop Marvel all together now, I haven't decided yet.

    I am glad to hear that it appears DC may be doing an acceptable job on this revamp of the universe

  7. I'm very nervous still, but the writer in me appreciates the daring. :) I like a lot of what I'm reading for the post-Crisis, One Year Later DCU, so I'm remaining hopeful. I guess now that I'm comfortably middle-aged and already saw my beloved DCU destroyed (I never had problems keeping all the Eartha apart in my mind), I figure nothing can bother me that much again. All I want is to be entertained.

    Provided they don't kill off Roy Harper and/or his daugher. If they do, I might have to consider another boycott. ;)

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM EST

    yeah, as a writer I can appreciate the kahoonas it takes to do that... and the talent it takes to "do it well".

    I classify as a "world builder" writer... I love creating realities and tell stories about the people who populate them. Other writers like creating characters and then build realities around them.

    I like my realities to "be consistent", so I like the fact DC is trying to fix a few inconsistencies and finally make it all mesh... I'm just worried that it won't work.

  9. A reasonable worry, but I'm still hopeful. It can't be any worse than the mess after Crisis on Infinite Earths, where some characters were kept and others not and the rest mashed together. And tho I wasn't reading for a few years, I've heard about the attempts later on to fix inconsistencies that just kept making things worse.

    This is a chance to really start fresh while acknowledging everything that happened before. So far, it sounds like they have this well thought out and have some cool ideas. I'm not getting a sense that they're wiping out everything or doing something simply cuz it sounds "cool."