Thursday, January 05, 2006

3 for Today

Outsiders 32
By guest writer Jen Van Meter. Nice cover, decent art with some very nice panels. The Earthbound scenes were a bit easier to follow visually than the ones in space. The team's been split up for different tasks which gave the story a bit of a disjointed feel. Usually, with 2 separate plotlines, this isn't a problem, but this time, we had 3 plotlines going, which meant no one got too much air time, uh, panel time. Roy was pretty much an absentee, except that he was in disguise, which was a pretty cool surprise when it was revealed. There really is a different tone to the book now, more of an "outsider" feel, perhaps. I'm looking forward to the next installment, but much as I enjoyed this, I didn't get my Roy quotient filled this month.

Teen Titans 31
I wasn't reading this reboot, except I had to when they did the TT/Outsiders crossover and I ended up keeping this on my pull list. This was okay, no great shakes. I did like the appearance of Kid Eternity, even if he's apparently nothing like the Kid E I remember from years ago. The Captain Carrot pages didn't do anything for me. All in all, the book felt a bit padded, which given how few pages were devoted to the actual story, is telling.

JSA 81
Another in the Great Covers of the JSA series. The focus on Stargirl was much appreciated, especially the background info. And while the whole thing felt like a setup for family communication, it was a nice enough issue, though not at the level of earlier issues.


  1. Anonymous3:48 AM EST

    See, I thought JSA #81 was the best one I've seen in ages. Probably, though, because I read the Stars and STRIPE series with Courtney and the Starman series. It might be a giddy fangirl thing, but I thought the only way to make it better would have been to have Jack Knight and Hippolyta show up.

  2. I never read that series. And I did like this issue. This sort of thing is so subjective and often has a lot to do with what the reader brings to a story in terms of what's expected, what they tend to like, and so on. I just felt the setup wasn't enough on its own and so felt like setup rather than be something that stood on its own and had the added benefit of leading to that very nice conclusion.