Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Three for Today

Only have time for 3 reviews for today's comics haul.

Flash 230
The End. Nice cover. Considering this was the last issue of the current run, I would have liked a better story. It wasn't bad, just weird and not much of an ender. Vandal Savage was a disappointment and while Wally's "...maybe it's time to slow down" and be a family man speech made sense, it seemed anti-climatic. I'm interested in seeing where the character is "One Year from Now," but I wish this had been a more exciting finish.

Nightwing 116
Superman's surprise visit, Dick's mental beating himself up for his master plan not working out exactly as planned, and a burning Bludhaven pulled this book up a few notches from recent issues, but I still think Dick's arrogance has been out of character. Til now, he's shown he's learned from Batman not how to be him, but how to be better than him. In this story, he's shown the same hubris Bruce has with OMAC. I'm hoping this ends better than it looks like it will, but it will take a lot at this point to impress me.

Birds of Prey 90
Gail Simone continues to amaze and impress. All the Birds were on the top of their game and even got the better of Batman. I loved it. I loved that Babs, with her father looking on, went head to head with Bats. I loved all the character bits, Dinah's battle with Slade, Zinda's eye for Creote and her shock at learning "the boy is fancy." And I loved watching Calculator lose control, more or less. Simone manages to juggle a lot of characters and give them each a unique bit of action that's all theirs and yet keeps the pace of the story moving. Another great issue.


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM EST

    Haven't picked up my BOP this week, but it's great to hear I can be excited about it.

  2. Yep. I even chortled at times.

  3. Anonymous9:22 PM EST

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  4. Cool. I'll put up a link. :)

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM EST

    But-- but what about the art? *sigh*

    - wife of BoP artist

  6. Oh, sorry. The art was lovely as usual. Actually, I've gotten so accustomed to BoP having wonderful art, I think I'm taking it for granted. :)