Saturday, February 11, 2006

Two for Now

My PC is sorta working okay right now, so I've resumed my massive project of scanning in my film photos, which I'm also uploading to flickr, except for the ones with family and friends. Those I'm not putting online.

So, just two reviews right now.

Green Arrow 59
This didn't end the way I thought. Well, why would I have thought Ollie would look as good as dead? Again. Especially, when we know he's back One Year Later. Or is it another Ollie who becomes mayor? Is Ollie going to be in the rest of Infinite Crisis? What's the timing on this? The last page, with the variant Ollies echoes the last page of Outsiders with the variant Roys. I do hope at some point, Roy and Ollie will still be in each other's lives. If neither Mia, who I do like, and Connor, who I don't care about one way or another, are back, I won't mind.

The cover was evocative and stunning in that it was devoid of any character in the book. For Ollie to not be on the cover was daring, I thought. This wasn't much of a story, just an exercise in futility. I'm eager to see the next issue. I'm also surprised Judd Winick will still be writing, though with a new art team, as most books are getting all-new creative teams with OYL.

Nightwing 117
Finally, a story that matters in the mindless muddle of the last year. Everything Dick was working on became moot with the attack on Bludhaven, but all in one issue, things are set back on track. Nice opening page with the characters who matter to Dick, minus Bruce, followed by a wonderful scene between Bruce and Dick. For once, Bruce is the one who gets it right:
"You lost sight of the value of Roland Desmond's life. If you need me to forgive you for that, I probably can. But it won't mean anything until you forgive yourself. And you have no right to expect me to excuse you--for losing sight of the value of yours. You made a mistake, Dick. Are you going to let it be your last?"
Wow. Best speech Bruce ever gave, as Bruce or Bats.

Dick getting Rose to see how evil her father is was well done. And Dick on the tarmac, with the sign for "GORDON" as Aerie One lands, and his proposal to Babs was just wonderful. As was the artistic echo of Robin/Batgirl during the kiss. If all goes to hell after, we'll always have this, and though a lot of folks prefered Dick with Kory, I've always wanted him to be with Babs, ever since Barbara donned the BG costume. They were just too good together for them not to be a couple.

Little nitpick in the art. The burns look like someone splashed spaghetti sauce on Dick.


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    Happy Valentines Day! Hope I'll see you at the NY con- librarian comic bloggers unite.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day back at ya. It would be awesome to meet up at the ComicCon.