Thursday, April 27, 2006

Only Three for Now

Too much to do, and not enough time to do it, but I got 3 of this week's haul read on the subway commute home, so here goes.

Blue Beetle 2
Still entertaining. The art is nice and the back and forth in time still works to fill in gaps in Jaime's past when he first found the scarab. And now we've learned it really is OYL for him, which is a neat twist in that he lost that year. I think this book is fun with a lot of potential, so I'm sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

Hawkgirl 51
The gritty facial expressions continue. The dream copout to the cliffhanger from last issue wasn't as annoying as it could've been since Simonson is starting to ease in some intriguing elements, including the attack matching part of Kendra's nightmare. I still don't feel I have enough to judge by, so I'm waiting to see how this arc is resolved before forming a strong opinion about the book, but so far, nothing is noticeably out of whack where Kendra is concerned. And that was a concern for me with a new writer taking over.

Catwoman 54
Pfeifer continues to be a more than worthy successor to Brubaker. A lot of territory is covered, tantalizingly unhelpful clues re: Helena's parentage are dropped (my current theory is that Daddy is Sam and he's either missing or dead now, making Slam a granddaddy, which is just too weird). Ted's appearance was slipped in so naturally, it made me smile. Holly showed resourcefulness in getting out of a real jam, and film nut guy looks to be an intriguing villain. And the art is as lovely and suitable to the book as it was last issue. Catwoman and BoP continue to excel OYL and are my fav titles right now.

And the word is that Infinite Crisis 7 is out next week, with extra pages at no extra cost. Coolness.

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