Thursday, April 06, 2006

Weird Thought

I had a dream last night. Well, okay, it didn't spring from nowhere, but from an idea I had in mind when I went to bed. I was thinking that it would make an interesting storyline if Roy Harper did die in Infinite Crisis or cease to exist. However, many months later, a man who looks just like him is found wandering in the desert. He's mumbling in the Navaho language but is clearly not Navaho or any other Native American. He seems to have amnesia and he has no ID on him. Someone gets him to the Navaho because that's the only bit of info they have on the guy. He's recognized, but isn't Roy because he doesn't have Roy's scars. So, who is he?

Aha! you might think. He's a Roy Harper from another Earth who somehow has replaced our beloved Roy. What would his background be? What would he end up doing? Be a civilian? Take up the bow and become a costumed crimefighter? What would he be like? How would the people who knew our Roy and loved him react to his doppleganger?

I was imagining him from an Earth where Ollie never lost his fortune and never abandoned him. He'd be a bit spoiled, but he would be more confident than our Roy and just as cocky. He wouldn't have done drugs.

I wonder if someone at DC had a similar idea. Hell, I just want Roy back, in any form. But it is an intriguing mind game, to imagine an alternate Roy.

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