Thursday, June 08, 2006

Two for Thursday with Spoilers

Picked up my comics this morning before work. The rain was a mere drizzle which made the 10 block walk to work almost bearable. Read a couple of them on the subway ride home.

52 5
Shift to other characters. This whole Zeta Beam mishap is bizarre and oddly intriguing. We know Kendra's fine OYL, so seeing her at 25 feet tall is a real WTF? moment. Animal Man must be a devoted hubby; he seems to hardly notice or care that a voluptuous alien woman is walking around naked in front of him. Pieces of the puzzle of the past year are being fed out at a nice pace and the history backup story wasn't as annoying as in previous issues.

Outsiders 37
Ah, the old clone plotline. Shoulda guessed it. Nice to see Alan Scott and Superman a bit concerned about the Outsiders actions, a nice reminder that they really are in the DCU and not working in a vacuum. I'm really starting to wonder about Mallah and the Brain.

Oh, and no mention anywhere about Roy. It's as if he never existed. hmmmmm....

I haven't read Wonder Woman yet, so don't want to comment much, but I did skim it and while I'd accidently seen on a blog that Donna is now WW, the highlight for me was the last page. Agent Diana Prince was right out of Diana's powerless era. Lots of wonderful memories of great stories jumped into my mind, of Diana as a kickass human. I'd read that Heinberg really intended to honor all versions of WW, but I never would've thought that included the powerless time. If nothing else, that makes the book for me and I'm trusting the story will be as impressive. I can't wait to see how this will develop.

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