Friday, August 18, 2006

Just In

Two of these came in yesterday and since they're comics-related, I figured I should share the photo here.


I owe some reviews here, but I've been busy with packing stuff from eBay sales to mail and playing with the new beta Blogger. I merged my main account with the beta version, so if you subscribe to the rss feed for this blog and found a lot of old posts pop up in your feed reader, it's because all my Blogger blogs have been republished, posts and all.

As soon as they give us access to the html in the new template area, I'll upgrade most if not all my blogs so I can use the new categories. I can't until I can get into the html, because I don't want to lose my header and other customizations that can't be added back via beta's page elements option.

If you're on Blogger and haven't had a chance to try beta, it's well worth it, IMO.

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