Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Review Time

Outsiders 39
Nice art, serviceable story. I am getting damn tired of a character who looks like Roy but isn't him.

Hawkgirl 54
Nothing really happened here. Oh, and it looks like Hawkman's back. Of course, we figured that out by the cover.

Supergirl 8
I would've liked a bit more bang for my $2.99, especially since I had to wait a bit for it, but it was a decent enough conclusion. I'm still not sure what to make of this book, though.

Checkmate 4
It's a good thing I like political thrillers, because, behind the action, that's what this is, the intrigue of people vying for power. Nicely done.

52 13
Probably the weakest issue so far. The concentration on Ralph and Black Adam meant a lot of the more intriguing aspects of the larger tale weren't seen. Creepy, too, given Sue's almost resurrection and Ralph going off the deep end of an empty pool. Since GA's own book is about to tell us about Ollie over the year prior to OYL, including his recovery from his injuries, he seemed fine here in week 13. As always, I try to not think of the timeline too much to avoid headaches.

And because Grayson's Inheritance just won't die, more discussion on the book we love/hate.


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM EDT

    Weakest issue so far????? What the hell are you saying???? Sue Dibny, Black Adam, Isis, Ralph??? I thought it was the creepiest, most insane (Black Adam, Shazam, Sue, resurrection, Ralph, crazy)issue so far, and in my book, that makes it the best. I don't agree, and frankly, your comments about 52 from now on are suspect.

  2. I loved the issue and I love the book, but I thought it was the weakest issue in terms of pacing and not as much happening as in other issues. Since I prefer the issues that show more of the characters, I thought this was weaker. This is a subjective thing, after all. I'm certainly enjoying the book and I'm confident I will continue to do so. Creepy isn't enough to elevate a book to best for me. I take a lot of other aspects, based on my tastes, into consideration.