Thursday, September 14, 2006

Four for Thursday

In order of enjoyment, for a change of pace, from worst to first.

Nightwing 124
I really liked the cover.
Oh. Should I comment on the interior stuff? Okay. It's supposed to be Bruce Jones' last issue. Yay! Normally, I would've loved the brief scene with Roy, even if gratuitious and deus ex machina in a way, as Roy just happens by to pull Dick's ass out of the fire. Hasn't he done that before? hmmmm.... There may be something to those slashers writing fanfic with Dick and Roy, after all.
But seriously, I would've loved the Roy visit if the banter between him and Dick wasn't so juvenile. The art was nice. In a few of the panels, Cheyenne was absolutely real looking as well as beautiful. The story sucked. The end.

Green Arrow 66
Island Flashback, part 1. Now, I know Roy hadn't been hurt nor had he tangled with the villains in the pre-OYL GA, that Ollie knew, but geez, d'ya think Ollie might've asked where the hell Roy was when he got his bearings after waking and finding Connor and Mia alive and mostly well? I mean, Roy is just the kid he raised, after all, and father of a little girl who considers Ollie uncle or grandpa, depending on when in continuity we're talking; why would Ollie even think about him at a time like this? Sheesh.
The panel where he wakes in bed and goes into a rage is downright scary. But why is he wearing what looks like a green diaper?
Except for the fill-in-the-gaps info dump, not much happened this ish.

Atom 3
Nice art. Seriously weird goings on. And a real ensemble cast feel to the book that I like. It's almost "Atom" by committee. Ryan might be wearing the uniform and the size control thingie, but he's part of a team. A dysfunctional team, perhaps, but a team. The pacing was a bit frenetic this time, but things are moving along and I'm curious to see how this uh, ends up.

52 19
Nice cover. And unless I miss my guess, Skeets is as corrupt or corrupted as I've thought from the start. The whole Lobo arc is just plain weird, but I like the acknowledgement that our missing, space-faring trio has been getting a bit gamey. And is Supernova Kon-El? I don't know why Wonder Girl thinks so, but I doubt his identity would be revealed so soon. Call me a skeptic, but the mystery is sure deepening.

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