Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mixed Bag

First off, by now everyone in the comics and comic fan community must know about Lea Hernandez and the house fire from hell. The link is for her LiveJournal and if you scroll down a bit, you'll see an entry with her email for PayPal. I don't know her, but can't help feeling the comics community, pros and fans, are a family. So if you can help out, it would be a mitzvah (good deed).

Outsiders 40
Crap. I actually enjoyed this. Mostly. Sorta. Any comic that ends with the line: "Crap. Never trust a monkey in love," has to get kudos. Decent art and Mallah and the Brain. I'm not sure what it says about a comic, though, when the baddies are more interesting than the good guys.

All-Star Superman 4 (yeah, I'm still catching up)
Great art, fun comic. I like this Jimmy Olson more than I ever liked the "real" one.

The Trials of Shazam 1
Interesting start, but I don't see the need to start so far in, then have all that flashback. It's a nice technique, but it's getting overused and in this case, didn't enhance the story. The art gave this book a very different feel, which is usually if not always a good thing.

52 18
Geez, but Renee needs a serious intervention done. So, is Ralph going to be the.... possible spoiler alert.... Dr. Fate? And is this stranger with DNA close to Booster's going to be the new Booster Gold? I also appreciated the background on The Question, since I knew almost nothing about him. A nice, solid chapter.

More reviews to come.

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