Wednesday, September 27, 2006

PG is Rated PG

27Sept2006 013a

She has a bit of a problem standing, but instead of pitching forward, as I'd expected, she keeps tilting backward. I think her feet aren't level. But isn't she lovely? Her face is wonderful and they did zippers on her boots and gloves. Okay, non-working, but still... ZIPPERS!


  1. Hi Shelly,
    I *just* saw this Power Girl today! She is quite lovely! Congrats on a fabulous buy.

  2. Thanks. She's already a hit with my other action figures. Well, the male ones, anyway. ;)

  3. Shelly, I went out and got my Power Girl figure today. I just love it! The only problem was getting the drool off it after the guys at the shop looked at it!

    I really appreciate that DC has done this second Power Girl figure with the updated look. Very cool indeed!

  4. lol. She really is something. I've been very impressed with the DC action figures lately.

    And did you see the pics of the 2 Donna Troy figures for next year? I so want both of them.

    Now, if only they'd do Ed Benes Justice League figures, I'd finally get Arsenal.

  5. I saw the Donna Troy figures and immediately decided that I must have them. Previously the only way I could get a Donna figure was to get the spendy two pack with the Silver age Wonder Woman, so this is a great relief!

    I agree- they must do Arsenal by Benes soon. I just love the rendering, so I can imagine it would be gorgeous.

    You have great taste!

  6. Thanks, Heidi. So do you.

    And I'm constantly impressed by how good DC's action figures are. They really are capturing the art these days.

  7. My Power Girl doll came today (ordered from DCBS so I wait a little to save some $). She was tough getting out of the plastic blister pack and I realized I was puilling her by her chest since that was the only body part I could get a grip on! Embarrasing! She now looms at me on the monitor top as I type. I would have preferred more womanly hips (less boyishly narrow) but I have the same compplaint about the way she is drawn these days.

  8. Yes, I had the darnedest time getting her out of the packing. There really was no delicate way to pull her out. :)