Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Stack of Reviews

I read a bunch over the last couple of days and still barely put a dent in the stack of comics waiting to be read. And all of this batch were good.

Jack of Fables 1-2
I never did try Fables, and I'm not about to jump into the middle of it now, so I figured I'd start fresh with a new title in the universe. Jack is an appealing, roguish uh, fable, and fun. This is a goofy book with a lot of sly humor and satire, but I'm not sure I like Revise. Well, of course, he's the villain and I'm not supposed to like him, but I do take exception to whole evil librarian bit. Librarians and archivists seek to preserve what exists, not rewrite them. Talk about the ultimate retcon. But I've got a healthy sense of humor. I can take it. I almost wish this wasn't so much fun, but it is, and the art's nice, too, in a spry sort of way. The covers are very appealing.

Lone Ranger 1
A complete turn around from Jack of Fables. I was enticed to read this by the excerpt and article in Comic Shop News a month or so ago and I wasn't disappointed. The art is very evocative and the writing sparse to allow the images to have full impact. I loved westerns on TV back in the '60s, but never really read western comics or books. This isn't the TV Lone Ranger, but it is a well done version, so far.

Green Lantern 13
I think I've mentioned that I didn't read comics back in the Parallax days, so this storyline hasn't had the impact for me as it probably has for people who are more familiar with those events, but it was a satisfying end to the arc none the less. The Guardians are up to something, so there's a tease for future storylines, Superboy Prime is likely to be one of those storylines, and a wrong was set right re: supposedly dead but imprisoned Green Lanterns. The art continues to be wonderful.

This might be the only Bruce Jones comic I've been able to enjoy. He better not let me down. Mike is appealing despite or perhaps because of his bad boy tendencies. He's no superhero, but he also doesn't want to hurt anyone. He's clearly stuck in an impossible situation and trying to cope and maybe escape it. Guest appearances from Batman, Firestorm, and Cyborg keep this anchored in the DCU continuity. Nice art, too.

Creeper 2
I think I'm enjoying this version of Creeper better than the previous one. He's creepier at least, artwise. Justiniano keeps getting better and better. I love Jack and Creeper talking, a nice multiple personality touch. The mob guy who wasn't all bad, the scientist who isn't really good, and Jack's own moral issues (what would he do for ratings?) make these very realistic characters and a thought-provoking book. I'm happy to stick with it and see where Niles takes us.

Aquaman 44
Finally. I really like this book and I hate having to wait for it. Guice's art is very suitable for an ocean-faring title. Busiek is feeding us clues here and there and the appearance of Ocean Master promises a solid outing next time. Young Arthur is a bit rash, which gives the book a nice energy sometimes missing from Arthur the King's book. That Aquaman had gotten too pompous at times for me. This Arthur is a kid (despite looking somewhat older) who's trying to do what's right and trying to live up to a legend and be what others are telling him he should be. But why him? And does the Dweller really have the answers? Or is he the answer? Is he Aquaman?

All-Star Superman 5
Just fun. A perfect blend of art and words to tell a story in a compelling, entertaining fashion. This Lex is everything Lex should be. Pompous, arrogant, supremely confident, and oblivious to the fact that his greatest enemy is interviewing him, or at least, trying to. Somehow, Clark is more inept seeming and more befuddled than ever, while coming across as more human than ever depicted. This is Superman as the perfect actor, making us believe that a man can comb his hair differently and don glasses and not be recognized as the Man of Steel. And with Lex's declaration that he's already doomed Superman, the plot thickens. With this creative team, I expect a worthy payoff.

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