Thursday, September 28, 2006

Working Through the Stack

Yup, it's review time.

JSA Classified 17
Featuring Hourman Jr and Sr. And Bane. And Scott McDaniel's art. Do I need to say more? Seriously, this was the best issue of this book in ages. Hourman (well, both of them) has always intrigued me with that whole powers will run out in an hour thing and the story, which will happily be a short arc (the 1 of 2 was nice to see), has an interesting connection between the Venom drug Bane's addicted to and Rex's research. Fun touch with the little blue pill, too.

Supergirl 10
I think Joe Kelly should be named savior of Supergirl. In just 2 issues, he's brought this comic back from the brink and is giving Kara an actual personality, understands she's a teen and an alien adjusting to a new world with all that entails, and managed in this issue to craft a morality tale. Anyone who's been on the wrong side of teasing while growing up can relate. For the record, in the interest of full disclosure, I had to deal with being called "four eyes" and worse in elementary school. By the time I was in high school, I was pretty much invisible. So I can appreciate Kara's desire to fit in. Churchill's art is wonderful, really capturing the kids and I loved the fun labels for the credits. And there was even an homage to Streaky. This is the Supergirl comic I've been wanting to see.

Secret Six 4
Finally. I've been eagerly awaiting this installment of one of the oddest books and stories in the DCU right now. The Six vs the Doom Patrol was priceless, the art was nice, and finally, someone's found a way to make Vandal Savage interesting instead of an imitation of himself. Oh, right. That someone is Gail Simone, probably the best writer DC has right now when it comes to character development and interactions.

Shadowpact 5
Okay, so last issue wasn't in continuity. Okay, fine. This was fun. A year later, people assumed the Shadowpact folks were dead. Lives have to be rebuilt. This felt real. Lots of nice character bits and hints of danger and intrigue to come. Nice opening chapter of the new arc.

Hawkgirl 56
This is just weird. Highlight: Last Panel...
Kendra: "All that about Grubbs and I never knew it. So... just how many folks in St. Roch know who the hell I am anyway?"
Henri: "That would be telling. But we are thinking about starting a Hawkgirl blog."
Personally, I'm thrilled to see the end to the Khimaera storyline. It dragged out a bit too long for me.

Blue Beetle 7
This continues to be fun. We find out what happened to Jaime in his missing year. Not the greatest comic out there, but entertaining. And the art is nice, too.

Justice League of America 2
Let me get the important thing out of the way. I loved it. Just so we're clear on that. I like how Brad's alternating the choosing of members with the current storyline. And the Red Tornado storyline is intriguing and well done. Plus, Ed Benes continues to excel in drawing all these characters. So let's get to the itty bits that are driving me nuts.
  • Roy is wearing one costume, an old new one, on the cover, but his regular Arsenal one inside.
  • Bruce already asked Dick to join and Dick said no. And the others wanted him. So Roy wasn't the first choice for sidekick promotion. I'm a bit bummed by that, but I'll survive.
  • But why was Roy chosen? They debate asking Ollie. Bruce is willing to take him. Diana seems okay with him. Clark isn't sure. Nothing is decided there. So, is Brad just dragging this out and will tell us next ish, or will I, er, we be left wondering?
  • The banter between Dinah, Roy, and Hal was nice, but I don't like that they felt the need to test him. They should know by now what he can do. But he's always going to be a kid to them, it seems, which makes me uncomfortable. He has to be treated and thought of as an equal by his teammates. The scene is redeemed, though, but Roy's thoughts upon overhearing them talk aout him: "...but I'm not Ollie. And that's a good thing." Yes!
52 21
Argh. The thing I love about this series and its soap opera approach is what frustrates me the most. I keep having to switch mental gears story/character-wise. This time up, we're back to Luther's little gang of metas and they're the new Infinity Inc! That was a nice touch. Wonderful art really enhanced this issue. And the first casualty, orchestrated by Luther, sets up some interesting situations, one of which comes up at the end: The remaining Titans get involved. And that last page/day in Australia... wow. Things are really starting to come together and I can't wait to see how they all work out.


  1. Hey, Shelly! It definitely was a pleasant surprise to find that Supergirl is actually fun to read again.

  2. I have a question. Why is Wonder Woman shown at least 99% of the time as wearing nanil polish? That point once again jumped out at me when looking at JLA #1. From my point of view, an admittedly male POV who does not care for nail polish on women, it doesn't seem to fit with the character of the warrior woman/ambassadress of peace who is relatively new to the world to go in for that sort of thing. It happens with other female characters that also don't have very worldly ways. I was reading through a Teen Titans collection and saw long pointed blood red nails on Raven. Is it just visual shorthand, reflex on the part of the artists and/or colorists?

  3. That's an interesting question, Paul. I love nail polish and have 8-10 colors, mostly dark, though I don't wear polish much because it chips off at work and it's a problem with glues and varnishes when I do craftwork.

    But I think it would be something that would drive colorists nuts due to the small size of the nails. Maybe that's to make the characters look more feminine or to show that they have nice long nails. I've never noticed it before and when I get home tonight, I'm going to check my JLA!

    I wonder if anyone else has thoughts on this.

  4. "Maybe that's to make the characters look more feminine or to show that they have nice long nails."
    I'll go with the more feminine aspect but these days WW is sometimes drawn with short nails, as she is in JLA, which, again, to my mind, makes the red coloring look more out of place. (Although I have seen lots of women with short nails that color them.)
    I received my Power Girl doll and I bought the Alex Ross Hawkman but I'll comment on that on your doll-related post.

  5. I don't recall if the colorist is male or female. I wonder if there's a corrolation between nail polish and sex of the colorist. I must remember to check.