Saturday, October 14, 2006

Action Figures

I have discovered the Ask DC Direct column on DC Comics' website and have sent in my question or rather, request, for action figures based on the new JLA? Especially Arsenal. I think we need a serious campaign across the blogosphere, maybe innundate DC with such requests so they can see how popular this series of figures would be. Come on, folks. I need an Arsenal figure and don't you think a Vixen would be nice, too? Or a Black Lightning?


  1. I want a Cricketron toy.

  2. I found that page as well and asked them to finish the 40s JSA by issuing the original Mr. Terrific and Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt. Ma Hunkle's Red Tornado is their choice as I won't add that one to my shelf.

  3. Anonymous2:03 PM EDT

    I understand your need to have an Arsenal figure. It's the same need I feel for a classic Doom Patrol set. But you know that asking for new JLA figures will undoubtedly get us yet another set of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman variants before the others.

  4. Yes, of course, they'll do the big three first, but then, maybe, they'll do Arsenal and Black Canary (I love the Benes version of Dinah) and Vixen, who would make a lovely action figure, and a nice Hal...

    A classic Doom Patrol set would be awesome.