Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Couple of Quick Reviews

I figured I should get these up before I fall even more behind.

Green Arrow 67
Dinah goes to train where Shiva was trained, in BoP, it made for exciting reading, and probably would have even without alternating with the storyline back home. Ollie, Connor, and Mia train and it's a bore. Because, really, nothing much happens. Maybe Judd should have alternated the flashback scenes with the curent story. And still nothing about Roy. Did he think Ollie and the others were dead all that time?

52 23
Nearing the halfway point. Isis' brother is saved and gets part of Black Adam's powers in a nice issue that concentrates on one part of the story. And the tension must be building, because I'm getting a bad feeling that someone's about to buy the farm. Yes, I'm still enjoying this soap opera of a comic.

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