Sunday, November 12, 2006

52 and GA

Green Arrow 68
And so, the flashback to the missing year mercifully ends. I'd been looking forward to this, but it was a standard Ollie trains with a mean-ass assassin-type, not unlike in some ways, Dinah's training with Shiva's teacher in BoP which was better done as it was woven around the current story, overlapping it in time. I'd been hoping for some mention of Roy -- did he think Ollie and the others were dead? -- but if it was there, I missed it. I've also decided that much as I like McDaniel's art and loved it on Nightwing way back when, I don't like it here. I had trouble telling Ollie and Connor apart at times.

52 27
Another great cover. A shocking revelation about Charlie. Ralph flirting with madness to rival Jean Loring's. And I knew Skeets was up to no good. He was making too many errors early on. Glad to know I'd guessed right. And Cain or Kane? Hmmm..... I was thinking Cassandra Cain. That is her name, right? Sheesh. I really need to find my memory. Nice enough Black Canary origin 2-pager, but I wish Howard Chaykin would work on some new facial expressions.

Meanwhile, I was thumbing through my weekly issue of Comic Shop News and saw that WildCats 2, due out this month, has been delayed til March. MARCH! Sheesh. I've tried to be patient with these things and all, but 4 f'in months from now, or nearly 5 if it's late in March, if it doesn't get delayed again. Sure wish I hadn't read the first issue, because I'll have to read it again anyway when I get 2 because by then, I'll have forgotten what's going on.

And people wonder why I don't read mini or maxi series til I have all the chapters. Of course, now I have about 20 such series to read. *sigh*

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