Friday, November 17, 2006

In Brief A to Z

Okay, through S.

52 28
Not much happened in this, mostly setup for next issue, I suspect. Seems the stress is getting to our lost in space trio, especially Adam.

Aquaman 45
As suspected, the original Aquaman has an intriguing role in the current version of the book. I'm liking young Arthur more and more. And the art is the best for this seafaring title in a long while.

Atom 5
One of the strangest DCU titles just keeps getting odder and odder. Fortunately, it's a lot of fun. Gail Simone can really keep a story moving.

Birds of Prey 100
One time, it was a longshot that this title would last this long and now, the big 1-0-0 has been reached and the book is going strong, thanks largely to Gail Simone and one kickass group of females. I love the new team, I love how the escape plan came together, and I am eagerly awaiting the next issue to see how the BoPers get out of the mess about to hit 'em. "Keepsakes," the Dinah and Sin backup story was beautifully narrated by Dinah and the art was wonderful. Dinah's pov shines through and Sin shows intelligence as she picks up on nuances. I like how Dinah summarized major aspects of her life, including how she helped Roy (I even forgive the art, taking it as representative, not factual in showing Roy in costume when he wasn't at that time). One thing I'd love to see is Dinah introducing Sin to Lian. Lian is a bit younger, but can't you just see it? Roy and Dinah watching their daughters getting acquainted....

Catwoman 61
Another well-written and beautifully drawn book. As with BoP, the facial expressions are masterful. I found the resolution to the Film Freak arc satisfying and the last panel means I'll be eagerly awaiting the next issue of this book, too.

Checkmate 8
I've loved spy stories since I read my first James Bond book back in 1964, so this title is right up my reading alley. So far, the stories have held up re: danger and intrigue.

Criminal 2
Ed Brubaker knows how to write crime fiction and he's crafted a wonderful tale of double cross and triple cross in this book. Leo, caught between a rock and a hard place, is a likable character for a career criminal and it's hard to not root for him, especially when he's surrounded by so many characters who make him seem moral. Then again, given how quickly these corrupt cops will screw him and his crew over, he is the most moral character in the book. So far.

Green Lantern 14
I know there have been misgivings about Hal's time as a prisoner, presumably in the missing year, but I think it set this story up well and Hal always has been a bit wishy washy, personality-wise, or so he always seemed to me. He might have a good heart, but he doesn't always do the right thing. Except for that nasty time I didn't read, the whole Parallax thing which turned out to not be his fault as he was possessed (nice reworking there), he's always done or tried to do the noble thing. But he's always shown, or at least, since the late-'60s when he developed a personality, thanks to Denny O'Neill, a naive streak that leads him to making bad decisions. So, I enjoyed this first chapter of the next arc and thought the art was amazingly realistic. This was a gritty entry, very reality-bound for a character who spends lots of time in space. It was a nice counter to the previous story.

Mystery in Space 3
Okay, I have no idea anymore what's going on, but I love it. This is one roller coaster of a story. And the backup featuring The Weird got to me emotionally. The art, in what must sound like a broken record, was very nice, in both stories.

Shadowpact 7
Another group of entertaining characters. I can't recall another time in my comics-reading life when I had so many team books I enjoyed. The ones here really do work well off each other. But if the book could lose the Phantom Stranger introductions, I wouldn't mind.

Supergirl 11
A bit of backsliding here, which is disappointing given the strides the book has made under Joe Kelly. The story was introduced in a bizarre fashion, the flashbacks didn't really work or at least, not well (especially the ones to the team briefing), and Kara mooning over Nightwing is getting real old. I suspect there was a real, intriguing story under the schlock, but the evidence is slim.

And there you have it. My comics reading so far this week. Plenty more left to read. The pile never seems to go down.


  1. I can't help it, I like 52. It comes out EVERY week, which is a miracle in and of itself. I did miss Ralph however.

    BoP was fun, and Checkmate is intriguing.

    Hal really is a complete idiot. It's a good thing that he's pretty.

  2. heh. Sometimes, I think Hal is the dumb blond of the male heroes.

  3. Happy Thxgiving Shelly!
    I just made a post on my blog about how yummy Comet looks in MiS, and how you might agree!

  4. Thanks, redlib. You, too. And I'll check that post. I do subscribe to your blog, after all. ;)