Saturday, December 30, 2006

Eight is Great

Reading and reviewing for my amusement, and I hope, yours.

Flash 7
Not bad, but I don't care for Bart. And couldn't he have told Joan and Jay he was leaving? Makes him seem immature and ungrateful. Oh, right, this is Bart. I may drop this because I just don't like Bart.

Hawkgirl 59
Big improvement on the art. Facial expressions have returned to the book. No more grimacing. Now, I'm as sick of the damn Rann-Thanagar War as the next fangirl or fanboy, but the bitch, I mean, Blackfire is always fun and she seemed less of a cruel joke here than she's been lately. This book isn't bad enough for me to drop, but it's not good enough for me to really enjoy it.

Blue Beetle 10
The fun continues here, though. I was never a fan of the New Gods, but in recent times, they've been eased back into the DCU gently and slowly, so they don't overwhelm. Originally, I'd felt they overwhelmed the DCU, but in stories like this one, they're fun. The byplay comes across as real and the kids seem like kids. And Brenda is my fav character in the book.

Supergirl 13
Another book I have a love/hate relationship with. Aside from the confusion re: the timeline after last issue's out of sequence story, this started slow and annoying, but ended up making a valid point. Power Boy is too perfect, the flashbacks worked well (they're a real feature of the book so I hope care is taken to keep them from losing impact), and the glimpse to events in the missing year were appreciated. The fight was a bit too graphic for kids, but Kara's "I love Kal-El...I hate myself" speech" was worth the price of the book. I hope, tho, that she moves past this soon, tho. She's not the Kara I grew up loving, but she's got a good heart and a level of innocence still in her while she struggles with her demons. She can be a "super" character if developed fully to her potential.

JSA Classified 20
This was rather creepy. A good point re: the lengths people go to achieve beauty resonates with today's hot market in cosmetic surgery and procedures, but I'm glad it wasn't one of their drawn-out arcs.

Creeper 5
This is another mini that will end too soon for me. I want this resurrected as a regular title. This is a wonderful take on Creeper/Jack Ryder and I want more. Batman's appearance hit the right notes as did that loon, Joker.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 6
I love this, too, but it seems more suited to being a mini. I wasn't familiar with most of these characters going into the story, so it's been an education. And the art is so life-like. This is a political book with a lot of points to make.

Jack of Fables 6
A hoot and a half. I love this book and I love Jack, but the interruptions were almost better than the story.


I also skimmed The Huntress compilation and loved it. I found I remembered more than I thought and fell in love with Helena all over again. I loved how real she felt and now can appreciate more how she dealt with the whole secret identity thing. Power Girl's guest star role was fun and I was reminded of the days when PG's costume was drawn just right, with a high neck and tasteful cutout. Joe Staton was one of my fav artists from back then and this book reminded me of that. Brian Bolland's cover is perfect.


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM EST

    Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 6 - I love this, too, but it seems more suited to being a mini

    (picture me on a cliff in the rain with my arms thrown up to the heavens as I cry...)

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I LOVED this series and TOTALLY want it to continue. Now, a series of minis, fine. But, one mini, bite your tongue, Shelly! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


  2. Well, okay, a series for Uncle Sam and gang, too. But Creeper first. Then Secret 6. ;)

    Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Anonymous2:52 PM EST

    I would love the Secret Six in their own title, even though Rag Doll’s son messed up bad with the Mad Hater.

    As for Supergirl, I still like Power Girl better. I have been buying the issues, I love the art, I wonder what’s up with Power Boy.