Saturday, December 16, 2006

For the Record

For the record, in case I haven't yet blogged about it, because I don't recall, I think this cover stinks. Now, I have no problems with cheesecake, or as I've mentioned numerous times, beefcake, but there is no reason I can think of to dress her this way. I feel slimy just posting the pic here. I did consider merely linking to it, but I think bloggers should make things convenient for their readers whenever possible, so here it is.

It makes so much sense, right? to cover her arms and legs, but not 99 per cent of the rest of her. It won't take much to get this cover an x-rating. And for no reason. Color in the body and leave it form fitting and it's still a sexy outfit, albeit one that's decent and even beautiful. A contrasting color, perhaps.

There really is a difference between cheesecake that's fun and in the spirit of comics' heritage and cheesecake that borders on porn strictly to try to drum up sales from male readers who don't need much incentive anyway to buy comics.

I'm enjoying the Green Lantern series post-OYL, but this cover leaves me cold. It's just not the right image for a mainstream title. Plus, she looks anorexic, which is another image DC shouldn't want to convey.


  1. I was just flipping through my "Top 10" trades and theres a panel in one where a parody of Star Sapphire is working a corner. And hooker Star Sapphire is less slutty looking than the current one...

  2. I believe I saw that, if it's the one with Hal half naked. ;)

  3. I really do love Ivan Reis, the artist, he portrays Hal's behind so very very beautifully, but the fact remains that the man CANNOT design women's costumes...just look at what he did to Arisia a couple of issues ago.

    And do we really need to practically have arrows pointing to her naughty bits?

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  5. Oh, very nice, Lisa. The colors work much better. Thanks for posting the link.