Monday, December 18, 2006

Half-Baked Reviews

Infinite Holiday Special 1
Did they number this to warn us they plan to do more in the future? The best I can say about this is the art was mostly nice. Silly me. I was expecting stories of consequence, perhaps with characters joining together for the holidays. What I found was a very creepy Green Lantern story, an odd little Shadowpact story (Easily, my fav), a so-so Supergirl story (Expectations are low for me re: Kara these days, anyway), a Trials of Shazam tale that didn't include Freddie Freeman (So, why bother, tho the art was the best, but what about the varied versions of the Greek gods running around the DCU? Do the Amazons of WW know about this set?), a Flash story I could've done without, a Batwoman story that felt disjointed while also serving as the obligatory or token Chanukah story, and finally, an Elseworlds Supes and Bats that was surreal. And yet, there are worse ways comics can celebrate the holidays. For ex....

Wolverine 49
Extra-sized, no less. They should have saved the paper. I was so enjoying this book when it started. I loved the costume-less, civilian Logan. I even enjoyed the first arc or so when he put the costume back on. Then I suffered through the mess of Civil War, but that looked like fun next to this. I don't know why this story needed so many pages. I don't even know why it was written. And the thinly disguised NYC locations made it seem even sillier. This title is coming seriously close to being dropped from my pull list. I might not be a big Marvel reader, but I really want to love this book again.

Wetworks 3
Now, this is a confusing comic that manages to keep me enthralled. I'm not sure how or why. I can't tell half the characters apart due to the darkness of the art. And I'm no big fan of vampires. Yet, I find myself wondering enough about what's going on to keep reading.

Mystery in Space 4
Wonderful art in this book. I'm enjoying the Capt. Comet story, but now I find I'm liking The Weird story more. Aside from the sheer oddness of the character, the story is to be saying something about faith and obedience and thinking for yourself and deceit. I really enjoyed this issue and the cover was just grand.

Welcome to Tranquility 1
This is just plain fun. I've read many versions of aging superheroes or ones who have retired to civilian life, but this is a fun, kinda edgy, unique take on the conceit. The cartoonish style suits Gail's story nicely. This is a fine first issue, with a strong cliffhanger to make me eager for part 2.

Crossing Midnight 1
This is another good first issue. See, I don't just read traditional superhero fare. This is mostly setup, nicely done. Kai's narration was fluid, the art is pretty and suitable for this fantasy tale, and I have high hopes for this book.

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