Friday, December 22, 2006

Tiger and Spirit

Or should that be Tiger, Tiger, since I read the first 2 issues of White Tiger?

White Tiger 1-2
I don't read much Marvel, mainly just Wolverine these days for the regular Marvel universe, so I'm not familiar with the characters and events. For instance, I didn't know Daredevil is in jail and I don't know the lead character, Angela. I assume she's been around, but for me, I'm meeting her for the first time here and I'm liking her a lot. Tamora Pierce and Timothy Liebe have done a good job introducing her and the story and I had little trouble following events. The plot is intense and full of intrigue, elements I like, and the scene with Natasha when they go shopping for Angela to wear as the White Tiger was fun. Angela has a strong background, the covers are gorgeous, and the interior art is very nice. Angela reminds me of some of the DCU's stronger female characters and I think she'd fit in nicely with the Birds of Prey. In a way, I wish she wasn't sharing the action with Daredevil 2 (I had no idea Matt Murdock was in jail, though I did know he was Daredevil), but his connection to her as we learn in the second issue makes sense and doesn't detract from her starring role. I am looking forward to the next installment.

Spirit 1
Darwyn Cooke, with J. Bone on inks, continues his wonderful rendering of The Spirit as begun in the pairing with Batman in the one-shot. His snappy dialogue hits all the right notes and the art is perfect for a book with such rich history. Will Eisner had such a distinct style and while I didn't read many of his Spirit tales, I did love them. His panel breakdowns, perspective, and drawing style give the book, well, true spirit. I loved Ginger Coffee, and the way The Spirit cut his way through the back seat of the car had me chuckling. This is a fun comic and there's always room for a fun action/adventure comic.

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