Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today's Haul

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A good week for comics, and action figures! Much as I like the current Huntress, Helena Wayne is THE Huntress in my mind.

So, how was your Wednesday?


  1. This week wasn't a bad one for my comic collection, though I don't pick up as much as you do. So far I've only read Spider-Man: Reign #1, which is pretty good once you look past the fist loads of elements ripped from Dark Knight Returns. I also have read the new Detective Comics, which I think my be the best of Paul Dini's run.

    But the best thing I picked up this week is the second Runaways hardcover. My wife is a big Runaway fan and has lamented the absence of another hardcover collection. She doesn't like the digest sized collection and I don't blame here. Anyway, I just found out about it yesterday and I hope she doesn't find out about it even existing before Christmas. She's going to love it.

  2. I only had two pulls. And one of those (The Nightly News) I'm dropping. But since I've stopped buying any of DC or Marvel's main line stuff thats pretty normal...

  3. Shelly- I am with you on Helena Wayne being THE Huntress. As much as I love what Gail Simone has done on Birds of Prey, Bruce and Selena's daughter is my favorite version.

    I picked up the action figure with great joy! This is the figure I never thought I would see, so it is extra sweet!

  4. I was so excited, Heidi, when I saw the listing for it. I was so thrilled to finally get my hands on it.