Thursday, January 04, 2007

52 and Comic Alert

Another incredibly (un)clever post title.

I added a link to Comic Alert (shiny button link) near the bottom of the sidebar. I'm trying it to get feeds for some comics, including Pooch Cafe. I hope it'll do the trick. I haven't discovered yet if they limit the number of comics you can have in your feed. I also realized Cathy was another of the strips the NY Daily News dropped. Says something that I didn't miss it for 3 days. If anyone else knows a good, free site for comics feeds or emails, please leave the link in a comment and I'll do a post about them. No spamming, tho, please.

52 35
Nothing surprising here, but Nat has come to realize her uncle wasn't being a jackass and really is on to something. Lex is such a slimeball; again, no surprise there. Things got rather gory and it was nice seeing Kendra back in action, with Guy and John Stewart and some other lesser string heroes. Nice little vignette between Plas and his son, Offspring. The art was nice. The minuses: the question of The Question is still unanswered (dead yet?), no Black Adam and family, and no Ralph.

I got the second Manhunter anthology, so now I have the few issues I'm missing and can get caught up in reading this fine book.

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