Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year, Fewer Comic Strips

In what has become almost an annual event, a new year brings on changes to the NY Daily News' comics pages. In 2006, we had 4 tabloid pages of comics goodness. True, I didn't like all of them, but 4 pages! plus a couple of strips stuck elsewhere is serious comics availability. Usually, strips are dropped in favor of others. This year, the paper seems to have dropped an entire page, adding nothing new. Comics long since their prime like Beetle Bailey and Gasoline Alley, along with the insipid One Big Happy remain, while fun comics like Pooch Cafe and Tina's Groove are gone. I'm peeved. Got hooked on those only to have them yanked away. I wonder what I love that I'll lose next. So. Not. Fair.

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  1. This is part of why I'm into webcomics now. That and finding feeds and communities that give me the few syndicated strips I still bother with...