Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Quick and Dirty Foursome

Blue Beetle 11
Same old same old means fun. Rafael Albuquerque on art continues the light, fun feel for the book and Brenda continues to be one of my favorite supporting cast members of any comic.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 7 (of 8)
I'm going to miss this when it's done. A politically savvy book that's a frightening extension of some frightening realities in the US these days. And some of my fav comic art these days. That last page with Uncle Sam dwarfing the Washington Monument is stunning.

The Creeper 6 (of 6)
Justiniano and Wong make the perfect art team for the Creeper. This was a wonderful retelling / new version of the Creeper and Jack's decision at the end to not try the cure, while obvious, held real emotional impact. When the Creeper thanks Jack, and Jack says "We're in this together now. And what can I say?...I'm starting to have fun, too!" I got a little chill of excitement. I want this to be a regular book. NOW!

52 39
Wow. The you know what hit the you know what. The mad scientists are always fun, Luther's grand plan is moving to fruition, Natasha is in deep shit, Black Adam and family are about to be severely tested, and Ralph gave up his wedding ring for a last chance at getting Sue back. Plus, we got a cameo from Aquaman or at least, what's he's become. But the panel that's gonna stay with me is the one with the de-limbed Jake. *shudder* No lack of excitement in this issue.

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