Wednesday, January 10, 2007


AKA the comics I managed to read on the subway ride home.

Green Arrow 70
Why am I still reading this? Maybe I like Mia. Ollie's become a bore, the stories have fallen to the level of average or ordinary, and Red Hood's visiting. I so don't need or want to read about Jason. To be far, it's not a bad book. It just isn't what I've come to expect and want from a Green Arrow book. The art by McDaniel and Owens is nice, tho.

Outsiders 44
What the heck is this sudden fascination with Red Hood? The cover is rather striking, but inside, feh. I'd already decided to read through the flashback arc to find out why Roy left the group -- the coming attractions that says "Arsenal chooses between the team and Lian!" doesn't leave much more to discover -- but this first installment leaves a lot to be desired. I hate Roy coming across as an idiot. I thought Judd "got" Roy. He handled him well in GA and here up to OYL. Even when Roy got duped into believing Deathstroke was Batman (and he should've known better since he's known Bruce for years), Judd wrote it believably. But in this, Roy just comes across as a jerk and someone you can't figure out why he was leading a team of heroes, nevermind that he's good enough for the JLA. I'll stick through this arc, then I'm dropping this book and maybe GA, too.

52 36
Man, I really thought... (spoiler alert)....
I really thought Kory was the one who was gonna die. When it was Buddy, my heart nearly stopped. I'd come to really like him through this series. And when his wife knew the instant he died, man, that was nicely done.

Charlie's still hanging in, which was a nice surprise, given the way the last issue of the year had ended, and Renee's determination to give him the chance to be cured, even if it kills them both, really shows how much she's come since she's met him. She cares about herself, about others, and is willing to make sacrifices. She knows Charlie saved her and she's ready to return the favor if possible. Good stuff here, even if it isn't the best art of the series.

However, Adam Hughes with his art on the Power Girl origin has the art kudos nailed.

I added Marv Wolfman's Today's Views blog back into the blogroll. I'd had it there for a bit, but he fiddled with his template and ended up with a . as his title which was rather unhelpful, but he's got the title back on the feed somehow, so it's back in my blogroll and therefore, in the sidebar.


  1. I lost track of the number of times Buddy died in his own ongoing book. Of course given that no one but Morrison even tries to use him, I'm not surprised he buys it again...

  2. I didn't know that about him dying before. I never read his own book. 52 is pretty much what I know him from and I've grown fond of him.

  3. Yeah, Buddy. *sniff*