Saturday, February 24, 2007

Joy in the Comics Blogosphere

As Loren points out, DC will continue to publish Manhunter and will be bringing back the Freedom Fighters!

I'd put off reading all my Manhunters because I figured it was canceled (then back, then canceled again), and I had time. Guess I'd better catch up. And keeping Kate around in a regular book helps with that whole diversity thing DC keeps saying they're aiming for. Now we need to get people reading the book. Maybe if we all buy two and give one to a friend, each and every issue til the friends buy their own.... That would double sales.

I don't discuss diversity here, much, but at a time when adding readers is important to comics so they can stay viable, and with the desire to bring in more female readers, keeping and nurturing a book that or many books featuring minority characters is a good idea. And when the lead is also a strong female role model type, it's doubly a good idea.

I just think there are too many characters now in the DCU called "Kate."

As for the Freedom Fighters, I've been loving the mini and wanted a series so much, so this is great news. Now if they'd do a Creeper series, and one for Secret Six. Both of those minis deserve a regular series, too.

Now, I'm thinking action figures....


  1. I really liked the Creeper mini and would certainly keep buying an ongoing series as well. And I've missed out on Manhunter and Freedom Fighters, only seeing them in the Brave New World preview; I need to get in gear!

  2. Freedom Fighters has been very political, and incredibly timely given what's been going on in Washington in recent years. Very thought-provoking.

  3. Anonymous1:08 AM EST

    I would DIE for a Daniel Acuna Uncle Sam...or, even better, RED BEE! I'm so glad to hear that Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters are going to be around for longer. I really hope that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray continue to write the series.

  4. Oh, yeah. That art would make for perfect figures and I think all the characters would look lovely in 3-D.

    And Jimmy Palmiotti is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. His stories say something, y'know?