Thursday, February 15, 2007

Week in Review

First reads. There may be spoilers.

Green Arrow 71
Why am I still getting this book? I think after this story ends, I'll drop it. GA used to be a fav character. To me, a GA story was about *something.* Rarely was a GA story just about fights or Ollie mouthing off to baddies. Okay, sure, we're getting Ollie leading a double public life: mayor and costumed crimefighter, but nothing ever seems to really happen. Drug Trade! the cover declares. Just an excuse for head busting, IMO. feh

52 41
Renee is falling into old patterns and this is slowing things down a bit, but her scene with a certain dark-haired beauty was nicely done. One of these days, Renee's got to understand she's not the only one with problems and the world doesn't revolve around her. Even Charlie's death was somehow about her losing someone to the unpredictability and futility of a fatal disease. The slowed pacing after last issue's big fight and in prep for the big war coming up worked well enough. Ralph's just a blast in his scenes. His obsession has been well-played. Nice Adam Strange character bits and Kory might finally have that fatal injury some of us feared she'd get because she's been rather absent OYL. Then again, so have a lot of characters.

The infamous cover. Flesh-colored panties or no panties? You decide! Actually, the art is lovely, otherwise. The new Cyclone looks positively radiant, full of youthful joy and excitement, a nice reminder that all things look possible to the young. There's some real gritty violence in this book to go with the sexiness. The big villain was a surprise. Usually, I don't like Vandal Savage because he's often used poorly or conveniently, but he works well with this attack the legacy characters. And Ted's son promises to be a very interesting addition to the JSA family, indeed. I really like him, so I hope he isn't there to be sacrificed.

OMAC 8 Final
Egads, talk about a disappointment, a decent story coming to a screeching bore of a halt. After a nice few issues to set things up and make them interesting, this ended with a whimper, with a lot of the important stuff "off-camera." I really like Mike, though, so if there's a plan OMAC return somewhere, I wouldn't mind seeing him again.

From the older reading stack:
Fate: Detective Chimp
I never knew about this wonderful character until the Shadowpact storyline in the Infinite Crisis. Willingham seems made to write this character. Chimp detects circles around everyone, even Batman if he'd been there, and lets the helmet get to uh, his head for a bit. Loads of fun.


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM EST

    I was really disappointed with the ending to OMAC, too. I started off intrigued and then each issue just got more and more disappointing. I think it would be interesting to see this Mike interacting with other characters in the DCU...but, I'd like to see another writer to tackle him. I really don't mean to make disparaging remarks about Bruce Jones, but everything he's written lately has just been all over the place.

    If you enjoyed the Detective Chimp, check out the Ibis the Invincible and Saragon the Sorceror ones, too. I was pleasantly surprised by this mini-series. Generally, I'm not a giant fan of Fate, but I've really been enjoying these.

  2. Nothing against Bruce Jones, either, but I think I'll avoid things he's written for a while.

    I was a fan of Kent Nelson Dr. Fate and plan to get the new series. I'll check the others in the miniseries. Thanks for the rec.