Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Missing Year

In 52 Week 51, we learn what 52 refers to, and it isn't pretty. Well, one of things. A few threads reach a conclusion, it seems. Adam Strange is reunited with his family and gets a new pair of eyes, Buddy is reunited with his family, and Kory is back on Earth and returns Buddy's jacket. Ellen Baker is a very understanding wife.

Donna is Wonder Woman, Diana is playing agent in a job Bruce set up for her and Clark likes her glasses. In a nice splash illo across the top 2/3 of 2 pages, Power Girl is front and center. Nice to see a woman featured that way, but when her breasts and thighs are the prominent features (geez, that makes her sound like a chicken), the effect is a bit diluted. And the prominent butts are Liberty Belle (it looks like) and Star Girl. There's a decent crotch shot for Martian Manhunter, but that's it for male objectification.

Tim's got a new uniform with colors to honor Kon, Rose is obsessing, and Kid Devil asks her to intro him to Robin. Morrow is used to trap Skeets, who isn't really Skeets, anymore (ick on the description of that), and once again, Rip and Booster are a tad late as... well, that would be spoiling things. But the final issue of this yearlong romp promises to be fun. A nice little JLA origin 2-pager rounds out the issue. The editorial in this week's books honors the late (I hate saying that) Marshall Rogers.

In the Outsiders Annual, which continues the storyline from the Outsiders book, we learn that the team breaks Jefferson Pierce and Boomerang Jr out of prison, with Shift killing a lot of people by accident, sorta, and he can't live with the guilt, and grief over Indigo and Jade, so he merges back into Metamorpho, which explains why Rex and Boomer are now in the Outsiders. We also learn why the team is presumed dead, except for Roy and Dick and we see Roy quitting. He and Dick are on good terms, which was something I'd wondered about.

So, let's recap for a moment on the missing year as played out in 52 and filled in gradually in many OYL books. Events like Selina Kyle's pregnancy didn't affect other books and therefore, I haven't included them.
  • Donna Troy becomes Wonder Woman at the end of the missing year.
  • At the end of the Crisis, Ollie as Green Arrow was grievously injured and with Conor and Mia along, spent many months recovering and then retraining on a private island. Roy stayed, well, in the US, somewhere, I guess.
  • When Ollie returns, near the end of the missing year, or maybe halfway through, he puts some plans into motion and runs for mayor.
  • At the end of the Crisis, Dick Grayson as Nightwing was also critically injured and after being treated, as told in the recent Nightwing Annual, was nursed back to health by Babs, then went off with Bruce and Tim for some R&R. At some point, Bruce and Tim go off on their own so Bruce can spend time in a cave, finding himself.
  • I believe it's during the just concluded war that Hal Jordan, sans power ring, was captured, spending time as a POW.
  • Jefferson Pierce, under an assumed name, goes to prison for a murder he believes he committed.
  • Jason Todd starts playing Nightwing with Dick out of town.
  • Roy quits the Outsiders after the prison break fiasco. With Dick with the team, this must come late in the missing year, because Dick spent the first half or so first recovering from his injuries, then off with Bruce and Tim. So the Outsiders must've been busy with missions without him until the prison break storyline. But the issues leading up the annual made it seem like this all came much earlier after the Crisis. In either case, just what the hell has Roy been doing when he wasn't fighting baddies?
Have I missed anything vital? Is there an official timeline available for all this? How about an unofficial one?

52 51, which was much better than the Outsiders Annual, ended thusly:
Booster: "Where are we going?"
Rip Hunter: "Back. Back to where it all started."
So, could this mean changing what happened in the missing year. But we know that can't happen, not for everything. Hal, OYL, was still a POW. Selina still had a baby. Donna became Wonder Woman for a while. Dick was hurt, did spend time recovering with Babs, and did lead the Outsiders into a deep undercover op. Ollie did become mayor. I doubt DC would negate the OYL books and the 2 recent annuals, so if the past is changed, perhaps the status quo now remains, but the path to it changes? Or maybe Rip has something other than changing history in mind. Between 52 #52 and the 52 action figures coming out next week, it's going to be a long 7 days til then.

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