Friday, April 27, 2007

Reviews, Continued

Justice Society of America 5
Can a comic get better? I don't think so. First, JLA/JSA crossovers have always thrilled me, so having the two teams reborn and joining up so soon thereafter plays right into my fantasies. Geoff Johns has always had a nice touch with characterization and here he handles the characters from both teams (but not Roy!) as well as a few from the Legion. The Levitz Legion. The Legion I loved and miss. Lots of nice moments in this. Dream Girl and Starman's reunion. Maxine's conversation with Red Tornado. Batman being Batman. A great issue and I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment. The DCU is a wondrous place again.

JSA Classified 25
Featuring Green Lantern. A rare, complete in one issue story that shows why Alan Scott is still the best GL. Tony Bedard crafted a solid, emotional tale of redemption during which Alan is reminded of who he really is and why he does what he does.

Catwoman 66
I love that even though Selina is back as Catwoman, Holly hasn't hung up her Catwoman suit. Holly may still be a rookie costumed crimefighter, but she can and does kick ass. It's also nice to see her get the Adam Hughes treatment on the cover.

Blue Beetle 14
Guest-starring Guy Gardner. Guy may still be a pompous jerk, but he does a nice job mentoring Jaime here. This is a fun comic and I appreciate the references to Ted Kord.


  1. Read them all except Catwoman. It was indeed nice to see Alan by himself for a change. And the Blue Beetle/Guy combination was an absolute hoot. I think that Guy really misses Ted. And JSA was great as usual. I do like Starman telling Geo Force he smells like mud. Heh.

  2. Oh yeah, Sally. I actually laughed at the mud line. Such fun. I have to admit, Starman has been brilliantly written.

  3. I had the same thought about Catwoman that you did. Maybe Holly will be Catwoman's "Robin"