Thursday, May 31, 2007

Catching Up

Or not. I went and picked up the last 2 weeks' worth of comics waiting for me, along with the new Wizard and 3 action figures.

I'd been wanting the 2 Donna Troys since seeing the solicits months ago, but I really didn't realize the hands on both Donna Troy and Wonder Girl were gonna be so freaking long. She's got silvery nail polish on, but those fingers look weird. Her body sculpt is a bit long and drawn, too. The Wonder Woman, who won't stand on her own without her base, is beautiful, though, and comes with an extra set of hands. She can be 2-fisted or more open-fisted and holding her sword. I've put on her sword holding hand and left one fist. She's got a great face, nicer than Donna's.


In August, I'll get Red Arrow to pair with Donna, then at the end of the year, I'll get the Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, and Donna as Wonder Woman figures. Truly, a Wonder-ful year for DC Direct figures.

Now to just find time to read the ever-growing stack of comics.


  1. Hi Shelly,
    Oh, they're lovely! My Wonder Woman should be waiting for me at My Local, but I had to resist getting Donna because I've ordered the Elseworlds Amazonia Wonder Woman, *all four* of the Wonder Woman series (Circe, Diana Prince, Donna as WW, and Diana as WW), and the Nightwing and Flamebird just announced.
    My pocketbook Loathes Me.

  2. Hi, Amy,

    Between Stargate figures and DC Direct, I'm spending a small fortune on action figures this year.

  3. Those are some lovely action figures. I noticed in Previews, that they have an absolutely GORGEOUS Wonder Woman coming out.

    I just got the figure of Booster Gold...and Skeets! He's just adorable.

  4. Hi, Sally,

    If you mean the Wonder Woman coming out with the Diana Prince and Donna WW figures, yes, I plan to get it and the others. I don't recall seeing another listed.

    Booster is wonderful. I love his expression. And I love that the newer figures usually can sit!