Friday, June 22, 2007

A Few in Review, with Maybe Spoilers

Catwoman 68
From the stunning cover to the last page, this book delivered the goods. My heart was in my throat with Selina when she was racing to save her daughter only to find Helena sitting in the middle of the street. Rather than be a story-killer, Helena has been nicely worked into the stories, thanks to Pfeifer's skilled handling of her and all the other elements. But my favorite part was Holly's rescue of Selina and Helena. In this issue, Holly fully came into her own. Selina's narration:
"I looked up to see who saved us, and I could barely believe my eyes. it was Catwoman."
That said everything. Holly's off, on the run, and I hope we see her again. Soon. She rapidly became one of my favorite supporting characters thanks to her loyalty, to Selina, to Karon, to helping people.

Justice League of America 10
Don't read this if you still haven't read the issue and don't want it spoiled.
The one with the nice "action" cover. Power Girl's boobs are front and center, but then, so is she, in full kickass mode. I love these versions of the Legionnaires. I love all the little bits that Brad is so good at showing. I love the hugs. I love Bruce's disappointment and that he isn't always right. I know another panel or two with Wally's family would've been nice, but I love that there was a family moment there. I'm intrigued that they came back with the twins aged to their teen years. That should make for some interesting developments. I'm gonna put Flash back on my pull list. I'm glad Wally's back Wally and Roy in the JLA together. The two redheads in red costumes, boyhood pals. Could be very interesting. And what does Karate Kid still need to do? There are definitely loose ends here that I hope will be explored, sooner rather than later. Excellent JLA/JSA crossover. And for the record, I'm a big crossover fan. It helps the whole "one big happy universe" concept of the DCU.

Mystery in Space 8
A nice ending for the story and the Weird was a big part of it. I've really gotten hooked on him.

Trials of Shazam 7
More than halfway through and I still can't decide if I like this or not. Let's just say I like the art overall more than the story, though some issues have been better than others. This one was somewhere in the middle.

Hawkgirl 65
Appropriately nice art for the big showdown to end the series. This could've been a better book than it's been. It's a real shame. At least this issue held my interest more than the previous few.

Green Arrow 75
I loved Tuckman's political manipulation. Nicely done. The big proposal was nicely done, too, better than I'd expected from Ollie. He can be a real heel, a complete jerk, but he does have his romantic side. The JLA showing up to save the day, for now, was a nice touch. But that ring... that ring was everything.

Countdown 46
I'm still enjoying this and I'm still fairly confused, which works in the book's favor. It's written well enough to keep me interested and wanting answers.

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