Sunday, June 10, 2007

Overdue Reviews

I'll make these short and sweet or not sweet. Whatever. In no particular order.

Supergirl 18
The mixed art was distracting. I liked Garza's, not the other. I have mixed feelings about the story, too. So Supergirl was being tested, and by Dark Angel and a Monitor, of all beings. So while there were thrills and chills, there was also the feeling that the whole mess was something Pam Ewing dreamed up and I was left thinking the last few issues have been a whole lot of trouble about nothing. Still, Kelly had Kara show some guts and self-awareness that was nice.

Lone Ranger 6
Finally got the end of this story and what a ride it's been. I am so loving this book. So much said with so few words. The art has carried this story in a way few books do.

Green Lantern 20
A nice ending for this story. I'm one of the people who likes Acuna's art, even if everyone of each sex looks pretty much the same except for the hair. Cowgirl has quickly become one of my favorite supporting characters. She'd be so much better for Hal than Carol.

Nightwing 133
I love the cover. The story was okay, serviceable, nothing special. Dick's being a jerk about a woman from his past. Has she ever been shown before? I don't recall her. I hope Marv doesn't have him revert to the babe magnet he was when Jones was writing the book. Yeah, Dick's sexy and good looking, but he really doesn't have to sleep with every female who thinks so.

All-New Atom 12
Continued fun stuff from this delightful book. And probably the best supporting cast this side of Blue Beetle.

Checkmate 14 / Outsiders 48
The crossover continues has been fairly enjoyable, but as soon as this story is over, I'm dropping The Outsiders. Things are moving along nicely now, but I don't like this group much and I definitely don't want to see Batman back with the Outsiders. Bruce has a group -- the JLA -- and this is Dick's only group and for Batman to take over pushes Dick back into a subordinate role and I don't like that dynamic. Feels like a step backward. And I don't like the competition being set up, either.

Birds of Prey 107
Great end to the story. The Birds and the Secret Six made for a fun team-up once the fighting ended. Catman and Huntress flirting back and forth was fun. Zinda letting the bitch Spy Smasher have it, then literally walking away was great, as was Helena giving Babs an earful about it and how she's let herself be trampled by that very same bitch. Great stuff. Gail's run on BoP has been nothing short of masterful.

Countdown 50-47
I know people are upset with the idea of a dark Mary Marvel, but I like how this is developing, with Mary's frustration and feelings of being lost and disoriented. She's been abandoned by the Marvels and her gods and is seeking something to give her purpose. I want to see this emotional journey she's on. Sweetness and light is nice, but it can make for some dull characters. I don't know where she'll end up and I don't want her to become a female Black Adam, but I'm willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt and let myself enjoy the story. The Jimmy Olson storyline has promise, too.

Wonder Woman 9 / Amazons Attack 2
Finally, Jodi Picoult's WW didn't annoy the crap out of me. The two books dovetailed better than previous issues. It was nice to see Donna and I hope she finally ends up having a purpose and some impact. She's been mostly wasted since being brought back from the dead, leading me to wonder why they bothered. And she's one of my favs!

Blue Beetle 15
More fun. Jaime is running with the big guys now, with Superman guest-starring.

Hawkgirl 64
Supes is really getting around these days, or rather, in this one, Kendra visits his city. Not much really happened, but things were set up for the end of Kendra's quest for Hath-Set.

Aquaman 52
More clues and not as obtuse, confusing, or crowded as the previous issue. A lot to enjoy here, but I'm still not liking the art.


  1. Lone Ranger, was indeed quite fabulous. Beautiful art.

    I found Green Lanterns to be a fun little romp. Only Hal can kiss his way out of trouble, (or into it) And yes, again, the art was lovely.

    Nightwing is an idiot.

    Checkmate/Outsiders, I like Checkmate, haven't really read Outsiders except very occasionally, but I do admit, that I am warming up to Boomer.

    Birds of Prey was sensational. Gosh, I love Zinda. And Ice is back! And I really hope that Spy Smasher gets her much deserved comeuppance. I'd also love to see Guy show up in the next issue.

    Wonder Woman as ok, but Blue Beetle was fun as usual.

    All good stuff!

  2. I have to admit, Sally, that Boomer is the only Outsider with a personality right now.

  3. Perhaps Batman won't just come in and take over like he has done in the past. This is supposed to be a nicer Batman after all. I am curious to see the interaction between Batman and Sasha considering their history.
    I agree with what you say about Mary Marvel and Countdown. I don't recall Mary Marvel having this much coverage in comics before. Mary Marvel's story has just started so we have no idea if she will end up being a darker character.