Sunday, June 24, 2007


Brave and Bold 4
Supergirl and Lobo made for a fun team-up. Who'd would've thought it? Not me. It's been a while since I read BB3, so I'd forgotten where it had left off, but this was loads of fun. Kara seems better in every book but her own.

Shadowpact 14-15
The first was nice looking, but the story was merely set-up and filler both. In 15, we have Zauriel come after Blue Devil and there's enough explanation that we didn't need the story in 14. The next installment should be good as things should be happening on many fronts.

JSA Classified: Wildcat 26
Any issue that features Wildcat starts off on the right note. I'd been hoping for something with Ted and his newly found son, but I'll take this story about gambling that delves into Ted's past. Nicely paced and the threat feels realistic. I'm really feeling sorry for Sportsmaster.

Aquaman 53
The story really has picked up, but I'm still not liking the art. There's still almost too much going on, but this time all the bits didn't seem to overwhelm the whole. The mystery deepens and I'm not sure which Aquaman will be the one left standing. I wish the interior art was as nice as the cover.

Checkmate 15
The torture proves this book isn't for kids. Hell, the cover made that clear. I really detest that egg. I like the political aspects of the book. Batman showing up at the end made sense, but as he tends to be larger than life in most stories outside his own titles, as in taking over, I'm not sure about the next chapter. But it'll be in the Outsiders book, and Checkmate isn't supposed to be front and center in a book that isn't there's. I'm enjoying the crossover more than I did at first, but I'll be happy to get back to the regular Checkmate cast of characters.

Countdown 45
It was so nice seeing Donna acting heroic and strong and kickass again. I enjoyed the rest of the book, even if I'm still confused about some things, but it was worth reading just for Donna.


  1. Some pretty good books really. I did enjoy the Brave and the Bold. Was it just me, or did it take a LOONG time to come out?

    Oh, and Shelly, you've been tagged!

  2. Yeah, Sally, I'm sure it was longer than usual.

    Tagged? Eek. I'd better go look. :)