Sunday, June 17, 2007

Roy Harper Fans Unite!

This is what I posted on Dwayne McDuffie's forum:


I'm new here, just signed up because I read you were taking over Justice League of America. Congrats. I'm a big fan of what Brad Meltzer has done with the book, especially bringing Roy Harper onto the team. I'd like to know if Roy will continue to be a JLAer. I realize you can't give away "state" secrets, but if you could tell us your feelings about Roy, I and others who love the character, would appreciate it.

I have to be honest, I'm not sure, no matter how good the book is, that I'd want to continue reading it without him in it. And my connection to JLA goes back to the '60s and issue 30. Given how Brad brought him in, I can't see him quitting and I can't see any reason I'd believe for the team to vote him off. Short of doing something to Lian or killing Roy, either of which would turn me off of more than Justice League. I gave up comics for ten years after the original Supergirl was killed, except for Titans for a few more of those years. That killed my interest for a long time, til curiosity brought me back. Roy doesn't appear in any other book now, at least not as a regular, so losing him from this book would really have me rethinking my pull list.

Thanks for your time.

-- Shelly
So, if you love Roy and want him to continue in the Justice League, let your opinion be known.

Edited to add The Man's answer is here. Can you see me grinning from ear to ear?


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM EDT

    *GRINS* Been there and added my voice to the call as well.


  2. I saw that, Kim. :) I love email updates for forums.

  3. Anonymous8:47 PM EDT

    I'm going to so totally dissapointed if Roy is left in limbo again, it was such a wonderful surprise to come back after 15 yrs of giving up comics (mainly because I got sick of waithing for them to use Roy regularily)and find they had actually done something with the character.

    I've had fun the last two years rounding up every single back issue with a Roy appearance in that I could find. Thats kept me in Roy reading almost contiuously and fed the ravenous fan fic bunnies. But I have no back issues left to trake down now, so I'm relying on my monthly Roy fix in JLA.

    Fingers crossed he tays there.


  4. It's so nice knowing someone feels the same way about Roy as I do, Kim. All my comics are kept by title, except for one box that has Teen Titans and Titans in their various versions, plus the Outsiders with Roy and every other book that featured him, such as the Action Weeklys, the Arsenal one-shot, Batman plus Arsenal, the Arsenal mini, Green Arrow 75, and a second copy of JLA 0. It's the Roy Harper Short Box!

  5. Anonymous9:09 PM EDT

    LOl..I have just about every issue he ever appeared in, but I don't collect whole runs of titles, just the arcs with Roy and I have two copies of my very fav Roy books, like the Arsenal mini, The Grayson Titan's, the Titans Then and Now arc, some of the action comics, and the more recent stuff I have the indidual issues plus the TP's, because I go back and read my favs over and over again and I keep one copy bagged and the spares for reading. Archers Quest gets a beating, not just by me, but my kids love it too, so I've gone through two well loved TP's of that...and then there's the Inheritance novel that looks so sad but well read sitting on my side table...

    And then there's the geeking and fangirling over the Arsenal figure that just so happens to be being released the day after my birthday...

    Man, when it comes to Roy I don't think I'm ever really going to grow up--and I've cultivated four new Roy fans as well, all my kids are Roy fanatics so I really hope he's around for them to continue to love and follow as the get older. *VBG*


  6. Sounds like you're raising your kids right, Kim. :)

    I grew up with the Teen Titans. I loved Dick and Donna, too, but Roy was number one. My comics are very much well read and I'm so eager to get the Red Arrow figure. I have the Kingdom Come one, which is cool, but the upcoming one is nicer.

  7. Mr. McDuffie is a class act. I'm glad that Roy is going to be hanging around, because I must admit to some fondness for Roy. He's not a GL, but he's fun.