Monday, July 02, 2007

Look What I Got

Jim Hanley's Universe has a 20 per cent off sale for everything today through Wednesday, and when I saw this, I had to buy it.

Silver Age Classics


  1. Wow! Streaky AND Krypto! Now if they would only throw in the horse as well.

  2. Oh yeah, Sally, I'd love a Comet. He would be so cool. Maybe as a two-pack -- as a horse (with an exchangeable head for when he was a centaur) and in his human form (whenever he saw a comet). I'd definitely buy that.

  3. That is an awesome set. I think the coolest thing is the billboard, though I love the Streaky and Krypto figures, which you never see.

    And to take sallyp's point one step further, how about a complete Legion of Super-Pets figure set?

  4. Oh, that would be awesome. I would love a Proty. And someone on flickr says he has a Beppo figure!