Sunday, July 22, 2007

Off the Top of My Head Reviews

Lots of comics to read, and most I've read so far this week have been wonderful.

Lone Ranger 7
A new story starts. The cover is awesome I'm really liking the covers on this. I also like how John Reid's personality is gradually shifting as he's maturing and dealing with the loss of his family and the other Rangers. This is a well written character with fully developed characters.

Aquaman 54
I'm still reading, still don't like the art, still not sure I like where this is going. Nice cover, though. So, young Arthur might not be his father's son, either? This WTF moment can end up something grand or lame. I guess next issue will tell. However, Garth is getting on my nerves here. Especially the whitish hair.

All Flash 1
Very moving. I teared up. Really. A bit of filling in the gaps from Wally's reappearance in Justice League, hunting down Bart's killer, nice recap of the whole how Bart is related to Wally situation, and a fitting end for Inertia. The varied art teams in the book worked well, I thought, though I liked some better than others and no, I'm not telling. Because when you start with good and have great as the other end of the spectrum, it doesn't really matter which art team is good and which is great. ;)

Checkmate 16
Nice character bits, past and present, for Sasha and Michael. I'm not as familiar with Fire and Ice, but I loved the reunion of Bea and Tora. A lot of emotion flowing in this week's books. And the political situation is ratcheted up.

Countdown 41
Jimmy Olson is such a dork. I loved his whole costume and secret identity bit. Nothing big happened, but little pieces are starting to fall into place. I really liked the art this time.

Black Canary 2
Wow, Sin such can kick butt. The art was nice, with Sin looking childlike even while she was in lethal overdrive. And I won't complain that everyone pretty much looked alike. Merlyn's obsession with Ollie is manifested in a humorous way with all the GA collectibles. The machinations and conspiring going on here is topnotch and I'm really enjoying this. I was concerned that it wouldn't live up to my hopes, but it's already surpassed them.

Birds of Prey 108
It really doesn't get better than this. From Babs in the bat tee-shirt, taking on Kat ("Might as well tell you now, Kat. I never really liked you!" as she pounds her nemesis into the floor.), to the double-page spread of everyone who supports Babs (no Roy?!), with bits like Catman's "I think we've lost our sex appeal," Helena's letter to him, Helena's stubborn support of Babs ("We don't work for you."), and the reference to Checkmate re: Tora's friend there, this issue hit all the right notes, and no wrong ones. Gail's work on this book will be missed. She inherited a solid title and not only made it her own, she redefined it. I can't sing her praises enough.

Amazons Attack 4
The weakest of my weekly reads, thus far. However, it didn't suck. It is being dragged on too long, even if only a couple of days have passed.

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  1. I have to admit that Birds of Prey was my definite favorite for the week, but there were some other darned good books too. I'm enjoying was SO nice to see Ice reunited with Fire! Now we just need to see her with Guy.

    Countdown had its moments, and Flash was quite powerful. And gosh darn it, the art in Lone Ranger is just SOOOO pretty. I like the Ranger cave. I even liked Black Canary. Merlyn is seriously obsessed.