Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rainy Wednesday

I'm eating lunch at my desk at work and wishing it wasn't raining so hard. I doubted I could get to and from Forbidden Planet in time to take a public reference desk without getting drenched. So, I'm hoping I can go after work. Because there are lots of good ones due this week.

I was almost relieved there were no new action figures I want in the October Solicits for DC Direct. I'm spending way too much for action figures as it is.


  1. Anonymous12:19 AM EDT

    I have to wait a week to get my books, I live in rural Australia so my books come from Sydney via mail order. So I cheated and downloaded JLA I couldn't wait a week to read it.

    Man, I loved the art, it was a real treat. I really felt the emotions coming from Roy and Mari. I wish the book had been longer though. I'm sure it will get its share of knockers because it's a totally different direction to any comic book I've ever seen, it doesn't have heaps of action, but I enjoyed it.

    I ended up ordering four copies and will be giving them to people who don't read JLA, gotta spread the Roy love around.


  2. Hi, Kim,

    Ack, a whole week! I'd go nuts. Of course, you had to download JLA 11. And I just put up my review of it. I thought it was awesome. Roy sure gets hurt a lot, doesn't he? But he's a survivor, for sure.