Monday, August 20, 2007

Three More Reviews

Reading slowed as I went on a writing binge and finished the second draft of my science fiction novel. Someday, I might even get it published. Anyway, on to the comics.

Shadowpact 16
Is there any group with worse luck than this gang? I doubt it. Still, they're a game group of heroes and I love them. Nice seeing Zatanna and other guest stars this time. The legal issue plaguing Blue Devil re: the ownership of his soul has been most entertaining.

Checkmate 17
Almost a fill-in, stepping out of continuity to show us the man now in charge of protecting Checkmate. A pretty nifty, pretty much contained in one issue story.

And finally....

Booster Gold 1
Tell me, is there any comic more entertaining? This week? Okay, it was last week. I've been busy. Seriously, this was pure fun. I never read his original series, but I'm on board for this one all the way, having become a fan of Booster in the Crisis and 52. Nice guest turn here by the JLA, too. I like how it picks up from 52, with the week and day notations. I love how Daniel won't take off the Supernova suit while playing videogames. I love how Booster tries to get into the JLA, then after agreeing to help Rip Hunter in order to save Ted Kord (and is that the best comics friendship or what?), he lets them think he's still a jerk when he turns them down because he needs to keep playing the buffoon for Rip's plans to work. I love that only Rip and Michael, himself, and we readers are the only ones (and maybe Ted if he were alive) who know how much a hero Booster is. And who's wearing the Supernova suit at the end? A brainwashed Daniel? Or the guy who knocked him out? Daniel has to be okay, so he can get married and have a kid who will eventually, lead to Michael. Sometimes, thinking about time in the DCU is even more confusing than trying to keep track of all the worlds of the multiverse. Fun stuff. That's what's always made the DCU so much fun for me, growing up and now. All the possibilities. And I think we'll be exploring many of them in this book.


  1. I didn't buy Booster Gold, but now might try it on reprints

  2. I don't think you'd be sorry. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Booster was just FUN! Something that isn't too common in comics lately.

    Checkmate was pretty good too, although I AM looking forward to the knockdown, dragout fight with the incomparable Amanda.

  4. Oh yeah, Sally, I'm definitely looking forward to the "Fall of the Wall" story.

  5. Could agree with you more on Booster Gold, Shelly. I have to admit I only picked it up because I only got two other comics that week (Countdown #37 and Ultimate Spider-Man #112), so a VERY light week caused me to check it out. Now, I'm going to be back for the next issue. :)