Sunday, September 09, 2007

Four Reviews

Atom 15
I was glad Ryan was removed from the active hunt for Ray Palmer in this. Between Countdown and previous issues here, I was getting more than my fill of that storyline. The supporting cast is fun, especially Panda and the Head. And Mayland is quite entertaining. A nice, dastardly villain. And I loved the mating lizards. Such fun this book is.

White Tiger 6 of 6
Thank goodness for the synopsis in the front, because it's been a long time since chapter 5 and I'd forgotten where things had been left. Hell, I'd forgotten half of the story. I'm not much of a Marvel reader, so I appreciated the update, even if I didn't know all the other costumes running around other than Spidey. Nice end to this story.

Infinity Inc 1
This was so not how I expected this book, or any team book to start. In this case, being a big DC fan, I didn't need the opening flashback, but I'm sure many people appreciated it and it helped set the tone for what was essentially, an issue-long therapy session. Something nasty is going on and seeing the consequences of Luthor's actions with the Everyman project makes for a different type of hero book. I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Nightwing 136
Okay, maybe Dick isn't the naive fool he's been looking like, and yet, he still gets used. The scenes with Dick and the new Vigilante really sizzled though, better than last time. I'm actually starting to care how this turns out. Artwise, though, Dick is alternating between looking like a kid and an adult, and I'm not including flashbacks.

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