Friday, September 14, 2007

S is For...

Suicide Squad 1
I'd never read the original, tho I've heard a lot about it, all good. And maybe someday, I'll get to read the original series, but for now, this limited series will have to do. I will admit to some confusion, however. Rick Flag's narration puts this at 2 years ago, then picks up 6 months later. I remember Flag being rescued from a prison in Quarac in Checkmate, so I pulled that issue. In Checkmate 6, it's said that Flag survived four years in prison, etc. I suppose I'm not supposed to think too much about this sort of thing and just chalk it up to DC time and figure this takes place between the end of the original Suicide Squad and the start of the new Checkmate book. Still, I missed a lot during my boycott years, so am discovering all sorts of intriguing things.

Nightshade, for ex. She was on the Squad! And looking a lot different than she does now. I mean, that is the Nightshade in Shadowpact, right? The one with a different costume and bluish skin? Because that was all so confusing, too. And seeing the more recently deceased Boomerang threw me for a sec. Deadshot gets around, too, having been on the Secret Six in recent times, too.

Anyway, although my mind's reeling, I enjoyed the first issue and want to see where the story goes. I just hope my brain doesn't explode if I try to work out continuity again. Never can trust that Amanda Waller.

Shazam, as in Trials of Shazam! (Okay, I cheated a bit here with the S.)
While this limited series hasn't been nearly as good as I'd hoped, Freddy briefly filling in for the murdered Atlas was rather moving, especially when Billy comes to relieve him. But these trials seem to be going on forever.


  1. Deadshot is a Squad regular. He was in the Ostrander run, the Superboy in Hawai'i team, the Giffen team. And I believe he's involved in the current Checkmate/Outsiders "Fall of the Wall" thing...

    In fact at the end of Villain's United, Luthor mentions that Deadshot was recruited into his Six because of his knowledge of the various Suicide Squad team-members...

  2. Thanks for the info, Lurker. Now that you mention it, I do recall Luthor saying something like that. I really wanted that Suicide Squad anthology. It seems to be the one book I regret missing during my boycott.

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